Nurturing Students Emotionally

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Preeti Kwatra

It is necessary to understand and manage emotions of students as it help students acquire knowledge at better and apply it effectively to set and achieve positive goals, writes Preeti Kwatra, Chairperson, Petals Group of Schools, for Elets News Network (ENN).

Preeti Kwatra, Chairperson, Petals Group of Schools, for Elets News Network (ENN)

Preeti Kwatra, Chairperson, Petals Group of Schools, for Elets News Network (ENN)

One sunny morning bell rings, children with happy faces, with full of joy, trust on teachers, care givers and aunties, with lot of thoughts, hope, and expectations are running towards their classroom. Competing with their friends who will reach first, they heard one conversation, you stupid, naughty why you were not standing properly in assembly? Why you always want talking, talking and talking? You cannot stand straight, where is your I-card? I will speak to your parents that they should teach you some manners; I will take you to the principal that we cannot bear anymore nuisance in the class because of you.

Every day you make me angry, you spoil my day. Then a student in a very slow voice said but Ma’am he was troubling me. Shut up, you listen to me and don’t talk. God knows! When will you become a good boy? Come on every one open your textbook.

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Boy who was running got stuck. All feelings of joy and individualism converted into fear, anxiety, shame and disapproval. Children come to school looking for persons who have faith on their strengths, their uniqueness and on their capabilities. They look for an environment where they can engage themselves, explore and learn joyfully with someone who can help them to reach next level of learning. They need a person who tell them please try, I am there for you in case of any help.

Environment and people at Petals Group of Schools help students to reach their potential. An environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s learning. Enriching environment if planned carefully along with appropriate study materials, it may be the best way to boost children’s learning.

It creates an environment where teachers encourage children to engage, learn, play and feel secure. When children feel emotionally secure, they explore and learn more. Such enriching environment created with the support of teachers takes learning to a new level making it a life-time experience for students.

Each positive or negative word creates a person’s image in children’s mind. By acknowledging efforts of a child, teachers can help him/her improving their learning or refining their skills. Scolding is not always necessary to make students realize their mistake but a strict yet calm explanation of the difference between good and bad gains respect for teachers. It also helps them to control students’ undesirable behaviour easily.

When a child is not listening remember that hitting them is not at all acceptable rather than teacher should take this as an opportunity and understand why they are showing such behaviour. After finding out the real cause of student’s such beaviour, teacher must rectify that reason and mould students’ towards the right path. Such practices make even undisciplined students think that “I can also do it”.

An enriching environment with wellplanned developmentally appropriate activities, encouraging coach and last with motivating words can do miracles for our children. Children have unlimited potential and we need an attitude to see that.

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