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Strawberry Kidz

Of the wide range of characteristics that a preschool should have. But child-centric qualities that define the best preschool include child’s safety, hygiene, conducive, friendly-caring environment, well-versed academic skills, personal and social skills, says Vipul Virani, Director, Strawberry Kidz, Hajipur, Bihar, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

What are the main challenges in preschool education today?

Vipul Virani
Vipul Virani, Director, Strawberry Kidz, Hajipur, Bihar

There are various challenges for preschool education today. But my three main observations are:

Mushrooming of preschools – To curb unemployment or to earn extra, preschools are being set-up within houses campus without proper infrastructure, knowledge & system.

Lack of training – Preschool education is vital foundation for higher education and personality formation. It is dynamic process, which needs proper and practical training of staff at every level. These are not available and there is a lack of training.

Lack of awareness among parents – Nowadays, preschool education is essential part of child education. But parents send their kids to nearest preschool considering nearness and assuming sending to preschool is only for being accustomed to going to high school and its routine life. Parents are unaware about objective and utility of preschool in child’s life.

What qualities define the best preschool? How Strawberry Kidz is different from others in the country?

  1. Strawberry Kidz is distinct and unique in many ways:
  2. Strawberry Kidz has its own self-created, designed and customised play and learn based academic curriculum to provide practical approach knowledge and equip them for future need.
  3. Strawberry Kidz equips its learners with life skills of personal and social orientation with creating real-life situation and experience.
  4. Strawberry Kidz gives emphasis on art and music which child learns with interest and joy.
  5. We provide tab and e-block like technology-based learning for making technosavvy and be ahead.
  6. Strawberry Kidz does brain mapping of its every learner and accordingly learners are made to learn either by auditory, visual or motor based as per report.

To develop a child holistically, what innovation & technology is being used in the teaching – learning process adopted at the pre-school?

  1. Innovation & Technology adopted at the preschool for teaching – learning are: 1. Tab & E-Block – Along with computer Tab kids & E-block technology courses are used.
  2. Interactive Smart digital board.
  3. Innovative – Teaching by storytelling, clay – moulds, puppet-shows using real objects for explaining and teaching, creating situation and learning by self experience.

What methods or best practices are adopted at Strawberry Kidz to ensure safety & comfort of toddlers?

At Strawberry Kidz we have:

Adequate and extra men and women staff on various points to look after toddlers’ every concern, Walkie- Talkie communication system along with intercom, Entire campus – Entrance, Corridor, Classroom under CCTV surveillance, School vehicles fitted with GPRS, Pillars covered with cushion to prevent hurt, Low height – stair steps covered with carpet, Edge-free bench – desks, Wooden floor in classrooms and Carpet on open floor and play station, Toxicfree wall paints, Non-toxic toys, Fire alarm and fire extinguisher, Wide entry points, Emergency exit.

COMFORTS: Entire building and classroom is air-conditioned, Room purifier in every class, Convection mode room heater in every classroom during winter, Classroom with interior decoration, Low-high washroom fittings, Cotton and loose fitting uniforms ,and Small school vehicle with AC.

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