Cosmetology & Aesthetic Medicine awareness workshop held in Chandigarh

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A unique workshop on Cosmetology & Aesthetic Medicine was recently held in Chandigarh, also described as the City Beautiful. It was organised by the Institute of Laser and Aesthetic Medicine (ILAMED) one of the few professional educational institutions providing training and hands-on courses in Cosmetology & Aesthetic Medicine.

Ajay RanaThe development of cosmetology represents an important breakthrough in health and beauty sciences. Great technological developments have already taken place in this field and many are yet to occur, said  Dr Ajay Rana, Founder and Director of ILAMED.

“In parallel, there is a growing interest from the clients, who are looking for personalised cosmetic solutions. Simultaneously, Aesthetic Medicine is meeting an unprecedented boom in India, with an increasingly growing number of people in demand of aesthetic care.”

“There is a constant need for trained practitioners and ILAMED is providing the required knowledge & practical training in this area through these workshops all across the country,” he added.

Speaking about the workshop, one of the participants Dr Surinder Singh Surya from Himachal Pradesh, Practitioner and Sonologist and also the President of Sonologist Association of Himachal Pradesh, said:

“Before opting for this course we were unaware. But then I came to know about the techniques used around the world. The content of the course is so wonderful and the way Dr Ajay taught us is really marvelous.”


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