KIIT: nurturing Innovative Brains

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Educationists the world over are acknowledging the importance of inculcating creative and critical thinking in students. KIIT World School has encourages such thinking while nurturing young minds. Newer ideas and innovations have become the norms, that KIIT adheres to, keeping the vision of providing a holistic approach to the learners.

kiitFostering 21st century thinking skills among learners is the need of the hour. At KIIT, pedagogy is designed in such a way that the focus is on the understanding of the child rather than rote learning of the topic. It is ensured that the students have achieved optimal learning outcomes by different types of assessments.  These assessments are diagnostic as well as dynamic in nature and are an integral part of the teaching-learning process.

In the present scenario, it has become imperative to have paradigm shift in the way knowledge is disseminated. Equipping the students with tools to deal with present day problems has become all the more necessary. At KIIT, a platform is provided to students wherein there are open debates on contemporary issues plaguing our society like substance abuse, intolerance, gender insensitivity.  Apart from this, they are also given ample opportunities to create and innovate through ‘Idea Factory’ thus bolstering the scientific temperament.

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Idea factory is one such initiative where any one is free to give ideas be it students, teachers or parents. At KIIT, the students of innovation team enthusiastically work on the ideas, taking them up as projects and coming up with solutions. By implementing their classroom learning, the students create prototypes. At the same time, they become a part of the innovative fraternity and work towards the goal of making India self-sustaining in terms of scientific innovation and discovery.

Reading, observation and experimentation are emphasized to cater to the inquisitive learners. It is clearly evident from the fact that reading provides requisite input to the mind resulting in better informed learners. The teachers are fully equipped with the latest in their subject area along with the news in and around the world to satiate all the queries of the students. A lot of importance is given to experiential learning, where students are given hands on learning environment for enhanced comprehension of the concepts. KIIT has developed a pedagogy where learning spaces have been created all over the campus.

The technology enabled smart classrooms bring the world to learners, enabling discussions and debates through video conferences. The state-of-the-art labs at KIIT, especially ATL Lab are discovery zones where students explore the concepts and are inspired to create. Idea Factory is the latest addition, which further strengthens our vision of equipping the students with 21st century skills.

Libraries and class libraries are profound thinking corners where learning to learn is deep rooted. Corridors have been transformed to Art Galleries brimming with creativity, artistic magnificence and new information to soak in.

The assembly areas are portals of knowledge sharing and character building as each day starts with a storytelling session. Learning within the boundaries is not enough, the learners are provided access to best of online resources. Through technology, online assessments are provided besides resource sharing.

A cross- curricular approach is followed to engage students with hands on projects based on academic and skill development standards. The school curriculum relies on realms of Gandhian Philosophy encompassing the head, the heart and the hands resulting in all-round development.

With a firm belief that today society needs schools to have a paradigm shift in their approach to education from preparing students as job seekers to job creators. The programs are designed in the school where personal and public victory are focused along with managing emotions and enhancing the art of living a meaningful life. Apart from this, students are motivated to do self-reflections of their learning, thus analyzing the gaps. The shortcomings or lacuna found in the learning outcomes are addressed by the teachers so that the child is able to overcome them, well in time.

The students who pass out from school are exploring newer avenues, getting engaged in successful assignments, making bold decisions. They are not only abiding rules, they are rule makers.

A strong belief in the amalgamation of the age-old values and contemporary trends in the field of education has resulted in creating students who see elders, especially teachers as their role-models. The learners at KIIT are self-driven and independent learners who are at the helm of the affairs and teachers are their facilitators.

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