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Digital Consortium: Enriching Lives through Digital Transformation

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Digital Consortium is one of the fastest growing start-up incubated at T-Hub, the technology incubation centre of Telangana. Praveen G Kumar, CEO, Digital Consortium (DC), explains about organisation’s focus areas and strategy in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

How has been the journey of the organisation so far?

Praveen G Kumar, CEO, Digital Consortium (DC)

Praveen G Kumar, CEO, Digital Consortium (DC)

Digital Consortium is powered by group of domain experts from various industries. We believe that we are in the business of building trust and delighting customers through digital transformation. We support customers to leverage the power of digital innovations and achieve their business goals. Through our extensive partnerships and technology portfolio, we help enterprises setup and modernise a flexible, automated and easy to manage IT infrastructure.

Please describe about the key technology portfolios of the organisation.

Our organisation’s Secured Documents as a Service (SDaS) supports key sectors such as education and government to create smart, fraud resistant documents by standardising the advanced security features and adding layers of security. The technology also support secured UV Printing including Ghost Image, variable Data Watermarking etc, on a non-tearable, water-proof and eco-friendly paper through in-house security printers.

We are also adding the MicroChip enabled smart document as part of our secured documents portfolio so as to create next generation tamper proof documents through an additional layer of security on physical documents. The secured documents are powered by the Blockchain anchored digital verification platform for the validation of the document’s authenticity.

In line with current digital trends, what are company’s plans?

We are keen to be part of the Digital India vision and in this regard, we along with our technology partners are collaborating with various government bodies and universities across India to standardise and enhance the security features. These features are similar to that of passports and provide the high secured tamper proof document solutions powered with the block chain anchored digital verification platform.

Please brief on company’s innovative solutions relevant for education sector.

Keeping in view of the current system challenges in examination process, we along with our technology partner Innoworx would soon be bringing the Digital Paper Experience for universities and students through our proposed framework TAPE – Tablet Aided Paperless Examination. in the current scenario, huge printing and logistics costs are involved along with environmental threats, challenges on data security, leakage threat, evaluation errors etc. The proposed paperless solution would give universities freedom from QP tagging, barcoding, manual data entry, eliminate human errors while evaluation, ensure faster result declaration through analytics, and ensure encrypted question paper delivery with huge cost saving.

We are also focusing on the new revolutionary High-speed facial recognition platform in attendance capturing system and also to automate the visitor management system at the Campus. We are keen to transform the biometric and manual visitor entry process. facial registrations can be managed through systems or through mobile/Tablet in real-time. Data can be captured even through Kiosks while walking through them. facial biometrics is quickly becoming a popular choice across the world and can be the perfect choice in the education vertical.

How does your organisation make a difference for its customers?

Our deep understanding of the industry challenges combined with our Partner Ecosystem which includes the world’s leading technology companies and industry leaders enables us to deliver the most innovative and futuristic ICT solutions by adopting the industry best practices.


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