Sanskriti School, Pune Striving for Excellence in Education

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Sanskriti School helps the children to become caring and sharing individuals, equipped with skills to make right choices in life and grow up as responsible citizens of the country, says Devyani Mungali, Founder and Director, Sanskriti School, Pune, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

What initiatives have been undertaken at Sanskriti School to nurture leadership qualities among students?

Devyani Mungali, Founder and Director, Sanskriti School, Pune

Devyani Mungali, Founder and Director, Sanskriti School, Pune

We have a number of activities and programmes to encourage leadership traits in all our students starting from their formative years. it includes programmes that encourage teamwork, the spirit of research and enquiry amongst all our students. We also have a well structured programme — Prefect system under which students are chosen as a part of the school council every year to essay leadership roles. These students are chosen in a democratic manner where they make a presentation to the rest of the students and votes are cast with equal weightage to teachers and students.

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How do you view the role of discipline in the current environment with changing societal norms?

Earlier, the term discipline used to act as a coercive tool that compels people to do something without trying to create the right buy in. This is clearly outdated but inculcating the skill of self discipline in all students is still valid and very important. Self discipline is the Metaskill which if developed and honed properly during the early childhood years will help shape all kinds of good habits and traits later in life including perseverance, patience, the ability to delay gratification and resilience. All these traits are the most important factors for happiness and success in life.

How is the school using technology to herald changes in the school education sphere?

We have been early adopters of lot of data-driven decision making to foster bespoke learning programmes for our children. The undisputed fact is that all children are unique and each child has their own pace of learning, different interests and aptitude. The conventional school system focused on trying to create standardisation and conformism. We have used technology to track the unique development pattern (especially the social, emotional and behavioural skills) of each child over time so we can create customised plans to serve their bespoke needs.

What are some of the means by which you are helping your children get future ready?

We have a multi-pronged approach to achieve this. for example — We are the first school in India to set up a virtual reality lab as a teaching aid for some of the topics. in other instances, we have meaningful student engagements with thought leaders from the industry and academia. it helps our children gain a better understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We also focus on fostering creativity, confidence and leadership in all our students to ensure that they become successful in future.

What is the role of the teacher in this fast changing environment?

It is our view that technology will never supplant a teacher but always supplement her. The human and emotional quotient in teaching and the connection with students help educator to be at the centre of any change/initiative needed to be brought in a school education system. With this goal in mind, we have a well structured and exhaustive in-house teacher training programme which is the key to implement our vision successfully.

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