Edtech platform Tinkerly signs an agreement with CIE, Delhi University


In order to promote creative mindset in schools, Tinkerly, a Jaipur based edtech startup has signed an agreement with the Department of Education, University of Delhi, formerly known as the Central Institute of Education.

According to the MoU, Tinkerly will support CIE by providing a tech platform that consists of innovative teaching aides, equipment to establish an Innovation Lab on campus. Likewise, to measure the scope in schools, CIE will provide its academic expertise and resources to edtech platform.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Dr Namita Ranganathan, Dean & Head of Department and Vivek Pathak, Managing Director, Tinkerly. Representatives from Tinkerly were also present along with Dr. Alka Behari, Assoiate Professor, Delhi University at the time of signing.

The pact will strengthen the relationship between Tinkerly and CIE at the strategic and working level, focusing on the development of students, the interaction between students and teachers and the manner in which innovation lab is set up in schools by Tinkerly to establish and promote the ecosystem of innovation at various levels – schools, education research institutes etc.

“We are very happy at the Department of Education that we have been able to get into an alliance with Tinkerly. Both our organisations seem to be working towards a common goal – making science learning and teaching more effective and process-based. The pedagogic stance of STEM (An acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths), when combined with the constructivist approach of Science teaching, would it is expected to create more enriched learning experiences for students in science classrooms”, said Dr Ranganathan.

“We are thankful to team Tinkerly for engaging with our students & teachers and our community of science pedagogues. We hope this alliance will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Our science teachers were very happy with the training inputs given by the team. We will fulfill the mandate given to us to the best of our ability”, she added.

Tinkerly is an education technology company, benefitting 75,000 plus students across 180 plus schools in India via its various STEM solutions such as Innovation Lab, Tinkering Lab, STEM education Kits, etc.