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Springdale High School: Blending Traditional Academic Values With 21st Century Ambition

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Springdale High School

The success of Springdale lies with the strong grit and determination of the dedicated teachers, efficient administrators, ever supportive parents and the pride of Springdale High School, the students, says Dr. Shahnaz Ahmed, Chairperson, Springdale High School, Jorhat, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

How has been the journey in the school space so far? What lies behind the sources of Springdale High School?

Over a period of 30 years, the journey of Springdale High School has been very challenging and exciting. The school has come a long way through years of hard work, dedication, love and together. Born in a garage in a quaint tea town in Jorhat on 19th March 1991, Springdale came a long way excelling in every area of educational arena. It hasn’t been an easy journey to bring Springdale to where it stands today. Through ups and downs, highs & lows, with immense passion and nurturing have our institution grown into this beautiful- ‘Tree of life’. The strong idea of blending traditional academic values with 21st century ambition, the teachers along with the stakeholders work tirelessly in shaping students for the current times.

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We prepare the students for life and not only to pass exams. This strong idea is reflected in enriched experiences of students- in academics, cultural activities, sports, leadership programmers’. Superior board result is and outcome of rigorous academic program. Keeping up with the pace of 21st century moulding and shaping every student for a better future is the focal point of every stakeholders of SDS. Teachers are inspiring light for students and teachers with zeal and passion would definitely maximise the student’s potentialities.

With the number of schools opening in every corner of the city, what lies behind the success of your institution?

Sprindalites are taught to believe that “Dreams are achievable”. The success of Springdale lies with the strong grit and determination of one and all associated with the school- The dedicated teachers, efficient administrators, ever supportive parents and of course our pride- the students of ‘Springdale High School’.

What innovative teaching-learning practices are adopted for a holistic development of students while reading, listening and playing?

Education for me is not a preparation for life. It is life itself and when education is life we need to become it interesting and innovative at every step of teaching-learning practices.

It is very important to deliver passion and wow element while teaching and lecturing. A classroom has to be a party to excellence in education. If children are shown respect, warmth and interest they would run through walls for teachers- They need to be seen, to be heard and to be understand and until and unless it is truly child centric such things cannot be fulfilled. Gone are the days when we used to think of having rows and columns. Let there be a circular, face to face, semi circular arrangement of seating where there is no back bencher at all. A good, innovative teacher must always update with the time with knowledge not only in one’s subject but in general. They must have vision to ensure a holistic development of students. The potential of each pupil in reading, listening, and playing should be maximised. Reading in phonic drill system, nursery rhymes, singing, and recitation, story-telling should be encouraged to the highest level. Drill and outdoor games with their age factors is to be encouraged in the school curriculum. The students love and appreciate learning via stories and incidences. This leaves an everlasting mark and impression on their minds with a lesson. To improve reading skills small class library with some reference books help a lot.

What practices does your school follow to ensure effective teacher training progrrame to cater to all aspects of a student’s development?

In Springdale, we challenge each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity and curiosity with a sense of responsibility towards each other. In my school, students are kept as First Priority. Any decision that is taken in a school or any developmental program that is conducted, students is the focal point. Teaching in Springdale is designing is tailor made. The concept clarity is given more importance than unnecessary completion of a syllabus. Pupils are kept engaged and involved in classroom teaching. This will enhance the students willingness to learn and to embrace education beyond the classroom. I repeatedly lay emphasis that teachers need to unlearn and relearn. “If we teach our children what we learnt yesterday, we are preparing them neither for today nor for tomorrow”- is my dictum. The self advisory aspect in every child is trigged in my school arena. The students are provided with constructive and objective feedback on a regular basis which is unique and creative as to connect students with one another. In Springdale we try to make them compact learners. For example, if a lesson is to taught in English, integration with Science, Social Studies and even Mathematics and other languages are co-related with it.

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