Calls for proper preparedness: Dr Rupali Dhamdhere, Principal, Trinity International School

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Rupali Dhamdhere

Yes, we all are facing a testing time, time where we all need to stay together in support for each other but at the same time away from each other. Today each and every individual young or old, rich or poor is aware of the deadly virus and has enough or at least basic information about the virus and ways to stay safe. Thanks to the social media, but overdoing anything can cause harm, and this is what happens at times when we are overtly exposed to information that is not required. We should be aware of the situation but unnecessary information can cause panic, and this is what we need to avoid today PANIC.

Children observe how we react to situations so our responses should be controlled. We should be open to them while discussing the situation but be very careful not to pass on our panic or insecurity to them.

This is not the first time that we are facing a situation, but as we are dealing with one it becomes important that we empower our children to handle situations.

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As we all are at home….more time at hand, are we equipped to handle extra time.

With children at home during summer where some are done with exams and some maybe half way…..there is an uncertain stress that the children might face. Most of the schools have called off exams and decided to mark the children on their previous performance. That is some respite to the students but then now with more time at hand how do they utilise the same instead of just spending time in front of the TV or on gadgets.

Here we as parents and caretakers play a very important role. It is our duty to guide them towards enjoying their time at home.

Getting to know each other better, talking about your experiences as a child when you visited your extended family, the summer recipes, reading out books, lazy afternoons etc. These activities will bring you closer to your children. Spending quality time online with children where you can watch the course videos or curriculum content together, while doing this there will be a lot of sharing that will happen and children will open up with the challenges faced by them for a particular subject or topic.

These are time to build the emotional bond with each other.

As we face the quarantine together let us spend our time with the most precious people in our lives. As they say when we spend time with our loved ones we give them a part of our lives as this time will stay with them as a memory so let’s make it a good memory and strengthen our bonds by gifting each other with something we cannot take back…..our time.

As bonding is a process lets utilize the time on hands and build a strong emotional bond where this becomes a time when we illuminate each others lives.

(Dr Rupali Dhamdhere Principal, Trinity International School)

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