Shuchita Gupta, Academic Director, International Delhi Public School, Kathua, J&K: Students must plan lockdown wisely

Shuchita Gupta

With more than 1,050 Covid-19 cases in India, the government has called for a total lockdown for 21 days in all over the country. No doubt it is important to slow down public movement and break the chain of the Coronavirus spread, social distancing is a must. It becomes crucial for us to stay home for this time period and stop the coronavirus from spreading further. Moreover, it has affected the careers of students. Many students have not appeared in their final exams, however they have been promoted to next classes on basis of average of previous exams.

However, just because they are sitting at home, it doesn’t mean they cannot get any work done or learn anything new. Children become lethargic and do not listen to the parents. In order to keep children busy ,fit, and bring out their creativity, being an educationist, I have made groups of classes and shared some ideas with parents as to how to keep children busy.

Here are some ideas children can explore to remain productive during the Coronavirus lockdown:

1. Let’s do yoga and detox

Exercising improves strength, flexibility, agility, and mobility and most importantly it can help build your immunity during this Coronavirus pandemic and relax your soul. This will also inculcate a lot of energy and boost your stamina.

2. Spend time with your family

The best time spent is the time spent with our loved ones. Since we cannot go out during the Coronavirus lockdown, let’s make this an opportunity to spend time with children. Readout a book to your grandparents who find difficulty while doing the same, or help your parents in cleaning the car or in cooking meals. This way you will learn new life skills as well which will help you in the future.

3. Start painting or other hobby

Best way to make best out of waste.

4. Participate in competitions

There are some companies organizing online competitions for improvement of presentation skills .I have contacted them, got the link and shared with parents.

5. Watch the top movies and educational TV series

There is a long list of TV series that will educate you on various topics. The National Geographic documentaries are a way fun way to learn. Pick the genre of your choice and go watch them online

6. Lose yourself in good books

Read motivational storybooks

7. Play old-school games

Many houses will have a chessboard or a ludo board or both! Sharpen your mental skills with chess and beat your siblings while you play and for some family fun, indulge in some ludo, and snakes and ladders!

Since ludo needs four players, it can fully engage all your family members while you all are together during the coronavirus lockdown.

8. Read about future goals

Read books, magazines, online websites on career planning and life goals and plan your targets in life. List down what you want to be 10 years from now and start working on your goals during the Covid-19 lockdown

9. At last, I conclude by how to focus on their academics

I have guided my teachers to make notes of one chapter of all subjects, make videos while explaining and upload in your groups. Children will understand. Then send them exercises.

In this way they will not lack in their academics, thus both scholastic and co-scholastic will be covered.

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