Poonam Thakur, Principal, Jindal Vidya Mandir, Vasind, Maharashtra- Tough times will teach many things

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Poonam Thakur

My Life was just running on the fast track when this COVID-19 outbreak hit the world. It was mid-March and the exams were going on. Somewhere, I had these thoughts what if this lockdown happens in our country. Am I equipped to battle this out professionally and even at the home front? My mind was boggling with these questions.

At the home front, checked the kitchen and picked up groceries. It was tough to keep kids home 24/7 so picked up some board games, cards etc from the market.

The Lockdown was announced. Life which we called normal in which we run a rat race was no more normal. A new normal started. It wasn’t easy. No maids coming in, a lot of house work, a lot of professional challenge as we were entering the Digital Teaching and Learning.

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Initial few days, I kept grumbling on the situation as I had lost all my touch in my culinary skills and other daily chores as I was totally dependent on my maid.

But then a realisation set in and there was an acceptance to the reality.

I decided to make the most of this time in hand.

We started working together at home. The house work was shared by all four of us. We discussed as how we have become slaves and we are just existing and not living our life to the fullest. We decided on how we as a family would proceed further in life, more calm, more peaceful and more content.

We play cards, snakes and ladders, listen to music. We spend time together watching some amazing movies which are our all time favourite and which makes a lot of sense in real life to me. My son tries hard to make me exercise and do yoga. We work, eat, play, exercise and dance together. Above all we PRAY. Though I have two left feet my kids are not ready to give up on me. Hats off to them.

I actually have started loving this new normal in which quality family time is more. Life has become calm and peaceful. I get a lot of time to introspect and contemplate on many aspects of life. I am able to maintain a good balance between my professional work, household chores and quality family time.

Even professionally my team, though they were away physically they could bond with me on different online platforms and understand my expectations from them. We took a giant leap in Virtual Teaching and Learning and the result was amazing. We as a team were able to go far beyond our own expectations. Learning new techniques, trying, testing, failing and retrying again. It indeed was a great leap towards the future of education. This made me realize that our Team Bonding is great and we are moving towards a BETTER EVERYDAY.

Students were happy to connect through various online platforms. All the kids worldwide are a bundle of joy. We elders need to appreciate them, because the way they had adapted to the change and remained indoors is worth appreciating.

Yes I know that the coming time will be tough for people all over the world, there will be financial crisis ,unemployment and many other issues. But whatever it is, I still feel we need to thank god individually as we are still alive and we are healthy when in the whole world some people are suffering and quite a few have passed away. This too shall pass.

We, the family of JSW believe in BETTER EVERYDAY. Here is the opportunity to better ourselves so that better happens to everyone else. As a parent, a school leader and a responsible citizen I am utilising this opportunity and time and moving towards a Better Every day.

This Summer 2020 will be etched in each ones heart. Let us all remember this not only as a tough phase but also the positive aspects as how we dealt each day with a positive hope and learnt many life lessons during these days. Let us remember it as a lesson and how we sailed through these trying and testing time, with our family, friends and society. Let the spirit of unity be etched in the hearts as each responsible citizen is trying his level best to win the battle against this unseen enemy at an individual level but it is surely contributing towards the battle the country is fighting.

I felt the need of penning it down as I choose HOPE over Fear.


There are people who feel staying at home is difficult. They feel being at home is isolation from the world. Being at home healthy and hearty is more precious than anything else in life.

Till then- #Stay home#StaySafe#Enjoy the New Normal#BETTER EVERYDAY

And keep humming………..

Aa chal keke tujhe main leke chalu

ek aise gagan ke tale,

Jaha gham bhi na ho, aansoo bhi na ho

bus pyar hi pyar pale.

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