Shalini Tewary, Principal, Raj Kumar Academy: Innovations can bring new dimensions to education sector


A sudden lockdown announcement at first perturbed us but as a school head, often sudden announcements have made us accustomed. As report cards were prepared, teachers had all feedback from their students. Parents were communicated through Whatsapp groups made by our teachers in a record period of 2 days.

Book lists were too posted on these groups. Now came, the Herculean task, from where the Parents or Teachers, who too were locked up, access the Coursebooks. Fortunately, renowned publications like Macmillan, Ratna Sugar, Edutree, Oswal etc came up with their online publication of the Course books. Then began a phase which no one had ever thought of. Creative videos, Voice messages, colourful pictures, interesting presentations etc became the daily chore of our teachers. Students’ response was also very overwhelming. Parents who were not a part of Digital World too tried hard to become a part.

The entire Raj Kumar academy was digitalised. Surprised were we when defaulters of last session inquired for fee deposition. So the result was even fee collection started online. Our school majorly caters to average families. So this was a little surprise for us.

All creative heads started thumping. Dance teacher Ms. Bhatia came up with her dance videos and online teaching of dance, Music maestro Mr. Ayush started giving online classes for piano, guitar and Youtube too. French and Performing arts teacher Ms Pooja entertained all by her short films with meaningful messages, Mr. Sushanto another versatile teacher shared all innovative ideas for betterment of these classes.

Who says age is a bar, our senior teacher Mr. Pandey took up the challenge of bringing all senior teachers and students in this world of digitalisation. Our PET Mr Vinod took up online Yoga classes. All week the teachers worked much beyond their school hours. Working hours became just double or more than the time they were giving in schools.

Sundays too were preoccupied for them but we all gave relaxation to the students. In came Dance, Music and Yoga with Raj Kumar academy Story StoreHouse for Pre Primary and Primary students and Raj Kumar Academy’s Lexicon for Junior students. Where stories were moral based, Lexicon was a Vocabulary and Pronunciation building exercise. Both were taken up by me.

Connecting with my students sitting at home was a very fulfilling experience for me. Mobiles meaningfully became our true friends. Admissions are happening online. Queries of parents are entertained through WhatsApp. Calls are a whole day routine. My PA Mr. Jeetendra’s house has become a call center. My phone number is in reach of all parents. I have termed my staff as RKA Heroes. My Parents are Energetic and students Enthusiastic. To sum it up with lockdown how busy we are, how 50 days have gone, we know not. Hats off to my teachers and kudos to my students with their parents.

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