2nd School Tech Summit: Advancing Life-Skills based Education: Preparing the Strong Foundation

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Elets Technomedia and digitalLEARNING Magazine are organizing virtual ‘2nd School Tech Summit’ on 31st July, 2020. It will be the second full day conclave of the series. Eminent speakers from the school industry will take discuss the future of school education in the world of post COVID era. The panelists will enlighten the usage of technology and importance of value-based learning in our schools.

Preeti Kwatra, Founder Director, Petasl Group of Schools, Delhi- The like skills are very important for students. This is a time which no one has ever imagined. Every teacher is doing its best to provide education to students. The role of teacher has been multiplied a number of times.

Preeti Kwatra – The responsibility of teachers have surged a lot. We are providing proper training to teachers to take care of children. We are trying to provide engagement activities to students.

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Preeti Kwatra – The screen time has increased a lot for children. We are educating students and parents over the pros and cons of screen timing. We are teaching students about cyber security.

Preeti Kwatra – Parents must guide children what and when to watch during the classes.

Preeti Kwatra – The reform is happening after many years. The NEP is focused on creative and experiential learning. The new NEP will enhance the growth of students from day 1.

Nikhil Wagh, Chairman, Educon International School, Pune- The impact of COVID is changing in every passing day. New things are coming up for schools. Life skills is a very important thing which provide base to students. We must provide engaging class activities.

Nikhil Wagh – We can teach life skills to students through many platforms. The very essence of education is usage of mind.

Nikhil Wagh – Many schools are using online to teach. The connection with students is very important during the online classes.

Nikhil Wagh – The core set of life skills have developed among the students in this pandemic. It can also learn subconsciously. The teacher must connect with the children.

Nikhil Wagh – Failure is the first to success. Students must cope with failures if they want to succeed.

Nikhil Wagh – Digital literacy is very important for parents and children. We must prepare our students to tackle any such crisis.

Nikhil Wagh – The NEP has brought many new things. Teaching vocational skills from schools is out of box. It looks very great but there are challenges also.

Harsh Madhok, Director, Sunbeam Group of Institutions- Teachers have to evolve rapidly. The COVID has moved the learning from traditional. We must not waste the crisis. This can create new dimensions for education.

Harsh Madhok – We must keep a tap on digital data and survival skills are most important in this crisis.

Harsh Madhok – We have encouraged many private networks in last few days. There is a lot of new security concerns have popped up.The cyber security is the main issue.

Harsh Madhok – The NEP has come after 34 years. Things are in pipeline and 6 pc of GDP to be given to education. They have spoken to reduce the content.

Surbhi Goel, CEO, Aditya Birla Education Trust Schools, Mumbai- Life skill is how we can quickly adapt the changes. This is the need of the hour for many schools. Technology is here to stay. We must develop mental health and wellness within our students.

Surbhi Goel – Life Skill cannot be taught in classes.

Surbhi Goel – The NEP is a long awaited and has come up right time. There are very good addition to the sector. The reduction of content is very good. Coding being added as subject is very good.

Surbhi Goel – Teacher training is highlighted in NEP. We have to look how it can be incorporated.

Astha Kataria, Managing Trustee, Ashoka Group of Schools, Nashik- The way people have adapted the change is life skills. A lot of innovations came during the COVID. This is a blessing in disguise for many. This crisis will teach us a lot.

Astha Kataria – This has open up the minds of teachers, students and parents. This is very essential in VUCA world.

Astha Kataria – Entrepreneurship cannot be taught through a subject. It can be only done through conducive environment.

Astha Kataria – Things can be learnt by doing. Students can learn things from their peer.

Astha Kataria – The NEP is very futuristic approach. The success of this policy lies in the implementation. It requires a lot of phase wise training. It was long awaited and things can change a lot in coming days.

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