2nd School Tech Summit: Encouraging & Empowering Learning through Technology bridging Digital Divide (PPP Model)

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Elets Technomedia and digitalLEARNING Magazine are organizing virtual ‘2nd School Tech Summit’ on 31st July, 2020. It will be the second full day conclave of the series. Eminent speakers from the school industry will take discuss the future of school education in the world of post COVID era. The panelists will enlighten the usage of technology and importance of value-based learning in our schools.

Arpita Chakraborty, Principal, Eicher School, Faridabad- The biggest challenge is to change the mind-set from traditional way of teaching to online classes. There are various other challenges emerged. We must focus on children specific and need based education. The role of teachers has changed a lot.

Arpita Chakraborty – This COVID has brought a huge change in the education sector. Our teachers not only accepted it but mastered it.

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Arpita Chakraborty – It was an initial hiccup for teachers when they are seen by parents but not things have settled down well.

Arpita Chakraborty – Our willingness to accept and adapt the change is the main things. Technology was always there and will be there. We must take the call how to use the technology

Asha Alexander, Principal, GEMS The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai- We started the online classes from last 9 years. We started online classes without any fuss when the pandemic started. It is not completely easy to handle. We are looking to go back to school in the month of September but it will be a huge challenge for us.

Asha Alexander – We opened the doors for parents to attend the physical classes. It was a very appreciated by parents.

Asha Alexander – There is huge learning for parents , teachers and students.

Asha Alexander – The technology has compelled everyone to adapt the technology. It’s not about competitions but collaboration.

Dr Lekha Visaria, Principal, Swami Vivekanand Vidyalaya, Mumbai- We found there was lack of digital infra. We have to start from the scratch. Parents were reluctant to permit their child to it infront of devices for long time. Now, with time every parent has accepted the usage of technology in the pandemic. The process of adaptation is going on.

Dr Lekha Visaria – The hunger to learn will grow in coming days. The dynamics will change as food, shelter, clothes and technology will be the new norm

Dr Deep Khare, Principal, Jodhamal Public School, Jammu- This COVID has given an opportunity to everyone. Teachers found how to use technology. We can make children as independent learners. This is a life time experience. Students must have the courage to face any issue. Children cannot start a new lesson of their own.

Dr Deep Khare – We must let our children to do things of their own. Children must understand things not learn them.

Dr Deep Khare – Children must have wisdom when they pass out of schools, which have never changed.

Dr Deep Khare – We have to break the class to individuals. We cannot the assessment of a child.

Dr Deep Khare – We are preparing children for past not for future. Nothing has changed in last 30 years.

Dr Deep Khare – The children must be allowed to think and stop helping them. Allow them to self pace learners.

Preetee Kumar, Managing Director, Solan Public School, Solan- We started training sessions for teachers. It was a huge challenge for teachers to shift from traditional teaching to virtual. We conducted sessions for parents. For older children, we provided them project based learning, which can help them a lot.

Preetee Kumar – The technology is here to stay and hybrid learning will be the new norm in coming days.

Preetee Kumar – Everybody have joined hands to tackle the crisis. The collaborated learning started to boom in this crisis.

Preetee Kumar – Technology and PPP will stay for long time in education sector. Internet is not a luxury but necessities

Messages from Audiences

Lalita Bhardwaj: I agree we as a teacher missing that physical touch.

Sangeeta Sekhani: It’s a learning time….for upgrading our skills….both as students as well as teachers

RIMMI GUPTA: Rightly said Dr Deep….it is high time that children should become self learners.

Meenu Chopra: We did overcome the inhibition to learn new technology.

kusum chaudhary: Very true sir…spoon feeding has crippling effects on children .

Jasmeet Kaur to All Panelists: exactly we are also learning with our students nowadays

Ankita Bhatia: Dr. Deepak Khare.. You have really spoken something which is so realistic and practical. I agree with you that it’s the need of the hour to empower the children to think, pre-read and imagine…

Ankita Bhatia: I completely agree with Ms. Arpita who has clearly emphasized the dual role of a teacher as a guidance counselor and a personality developer apart from being a content developer adjusting herself/himself to the blended mode of learning.

RIMMI GUPTA: We at Eicher School, Faridabad also invited a science teacher to explain the effect of mauli, tilak…the scientific and logical reasons behind it.

RIMMI GUPTA: Our Assignments have Google form Quizzes to assess the understanding of the students.

Rakhi Cornelius: You’re right, sir. Customisation of students is not right. Students should not just learn facts.

Vinay kumar: I agree with Dr Khare. Even the marking of class 10 is crush the self esteem of the child for every. Every morning the child get up in the morning they curse CBSE. As they put lot of hardwork but not evaluated in right manner as their predecessors

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