Itisha Peerbhoy, Head-Marketing, Ken42: Ed-tech firms will make learning easy

Itisha Peerbhoy

1. How is your journey so far in the ed-tech industry?

The Ed-tech industry is coming of age with several new players entering the market with solutions for institutions to tackle the current crises. So far, we have seen a lot of innovation and tech, but there is a gap for a strategic solution that pre-empts the future and solves institutions’ problems on the whole, rather than in current times.

2. What are your plans for Ken42 in the coming days?

Ken42 is already being implemented in six premier institutions. We’re well on our way to signing up with several more and plan to go overseas in 2021. There will be over 1,00,000 students using Ken42 by September 2020.

3. How COVID-19 has changed the dynamics of ed-tech firms in India?

Ed-tech firms are seeing a huge uptick in demand and download. This is fueled by anxiety around job retention and creation when shelter-in-place ends. There is also increased usage among students of all ages who are looking to curb learning loss and remain in touch with the syllabus. While ed-tech firms found themselves going after consumers, they now see consumers approaching them. The current situation has also created the need for better content, as the hook for consumers is content over tech.

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4. How ed-tech firms are planning to penetrate rural areas?

The low-hanging fruit in rural areas for ed-tech is STEM content in Indian languages. In addition to making exposure to technology at a young age, ed-tech will have to make learning easy to access via low bandwidth and limited gadgets. Another interesting trend already being implemented is the ‘school on wheels’ formula with which students in rural areas are able to get exposure to learning technology on a regular basis.

5. Will distance learning be the next big things; what are your plans to tap the huge market?

Distance learning has been around for decades and will continue to remain so. However, there is a difference between the distance learner and the on-campus learner and their needs. Institutions stand for more than just the impart of education, it is also about the experience of the campus, the networks, and the interaction with educators. Ken42 enables institutions of all kinds to deliver better learning outcomes for their students, improve staff productivity and facilitate essentials processes so that the university can focus on syllabus formation, policy-making, and building a brand among other functions, enabling them to grow in size and reputation. This includes distance learning institutes, brick and mortar institutes, coaching centres and more.

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