Balancing Health in COVID Times

Murali Mukund

A whopping 40 % increase in obesity amongst children, cardiac issues in adults, a dire shift in what you eat and when you do, descent of vision are a few to call to mind says A. Murali Mukund, Chairman, Jubilee Hills Public School in a conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

“Every cloud has a silver lining” and so does this perplexing situation humanity is stuck with – battling its way against the pandemic that has shaken the roots of our very existence. There may be numerous to have a chinwag on the lines of how to be wary of being affected, how the pandemic has affected your lives and many such subjects. But there is hope in the grimmest of situations and it is the need of the hour to focus on those viva cities.

This period has put most of you indoors over an uncertain period of time like never before. This has caused most of you an unconscious shift towards stress and strain both in your physical and mental well being. As you are glued to your couches and plugged to your screens for almost 80% of your wake time, there has been a drastic increase in concerns regarding physical fitness. A whopping 40 % increase in obesity amongst children, cardiac issues in adults, a dire shift in what you eat and when you do, descent of vision are a few to call to mind . The schedule has altered and there is a paradigm shift in the outlook of life. In order to overcome these ordeals, you could have favorable practices like developing a healthy diet plan that includes all the nutrients in a balanced proposition, sticking to your habitual routine just like when it was before, having regular off screen breaks, having a talk with your loved ones or people of your close knit circles and be a wee bit more sanitized than usual.

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Let alone the physical nuisances, the psychological facet is the most affected in many of you. The abrupt cut off from the outside world has led to shooting up of fretfulness, startling behavioral disparities, pulsing exasperation quotient, building up of pressure, flattened attention levels, bearing elevated expectations from family members, and above all, dealing with a very new-fangled mode of working where you are the solitary self handling the whole lot without any peer abet. Fumbling with the novel shift into the online world, it is for all time a first-rate undertaking for you to stay focused to redeem yourself of the rational complexities.

You must labor to clout equilibrium linking your inner and physical wellness. Stay unruffled and optimistic as perturbing does not spring solutions, rather exhausts us of our tranquility. Have a cadence in life and ace it. There is none other than yourself to care about you in an enhanced comportment.. As students, you have to safeguard your strength and interest in edification till the school reopens and you step into a safe new world to stride.”

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