Odisha to provide exam guide for HSC students

Odisha to provide exam guide

In an effort to help tenth graders prepare for the annual board exam in May 2021, the Odisha state government will provide all students with a book fee for the exam guidelines. The announcement was made by the Minister of Mass Education and Schools, SR Dash. The minister also indicated that the state government will distribute the free book “Pariksha Darpan” to 620,508 students who will sit for the tenth grade exams in May 2021.

Pariksha Darpan is a 700-page manual that helps students prepare for grade 10 board exams. The minister added that the head of state had asked the department to help applicants relieve student stress.

The Odisha state government previously decided to cut the 10th grade curriculum by 30% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Students have a hard time passing exams because they still struggle.

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Pariksha Darpan’s book is made up of probable questions and answers, and public, public and private school students taking the tenth grade exams organized by the Council on Secondary Education receive the book free of charge.

The Odisha Council Class 10 exams are scheduled for May 3, 2021. The exams are conducted according to the central and state government COVID-19 guidelines.

The state government previously announced a waiver of exam fees for Class 10 exams, taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on parental livelihood.

According to the announcement, the Odisha state government will carry Rs 27 crore in the exam fee. Candidates who took the tenth grade exams must pay rupees. 420 to complete the exam request forms.