Education experts emphasized on digitization in education sector

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Our world today and future changes require education to prepare children for a world of rapid technological change, growing networks and new forms of employment. In the age of Google, it is no longer enough to focus on mastering content knowledge through memorization. To thrive in today’s fast-paced world, you need a wide range of skills based on academic skills like literacy, numeracy, and science, but also things like teamwork, critical thinking, communication, perseverance, and creativity. For example, because young people are better able to cope with their emotions, their ability to concentrate helps them learn to read, and by working together on science projects, they learn to solve problems together. This interplay of skills is central to both the concept of skill scope and the educational strategies needed to help young people cultivate themselves. Ultimately, today’s youth must be agile and adaptable learners, capable of learning new things quickly in a rapidly changing environment.

First, we need to identify three key areas of change that contribute to the global context in which education must operate, namely technology, the world of work, and globalization. Next, we examine the skills needed to cope with these changes and how policies have long sought to develop many of these skills in education systems. We then examine the current global equity and skill gaps left behind by the most marginalized children. Finally, we call for a different way of thinking about education and schooling to fill in the gaps and bring a broader range of skills to all the children of the world.


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DigitalLearning in association with Financepeer organized a series of webinars on leveraging FinTech in the education sector.

Amey Parulekar, Head of Business Development, Financepeer said “We pay the entire year’s fee upfront to the Institute enabling them to manage their funds efficiently and collect fees from parents in 3 to 12 monthly installments at zero interest & cost. We are focused on making quality education available to all. Not only tuition fees for students, we provide every possible help to students.”

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Amey Parulekar also added “Digital leadership is already present in our society. Digitization is the right way to go, however students need to understand the joy of having a new book. Adaption of technology is inevitable.”

Rupa Chakravarty, Director, Suncity World School, Gurgaon said “The digital divide is slowly shrinking. The main question lies, are we ready for the change and on what grounds. The divide is not with devices but with mind-set. The children have left behind the educators in embracing technology swiftly.”

“The socio-emotional quotient is not developing within students. Peer to peer learning is the best way. No technology can replace any teacher in the classroom”, added Rupa Chakravarty.

Sangeeta Puri, Headmistress, Children’s Academy Group of Schools, Mumbai said “There is an explosion of technology in the sector. We need to bring various activities to the classroom. We have to move from basic literacy to make our children ready for 21st century skills. We need to inculcate problem solving skills within our students.”

Sangeeta Puri said “We need to bring research to study in schools. Hybrid models of learning will be new tools in the coming days. We need to have transformation in learning processes.”

Sangeeta Puri also said “Education is all about sharing and learning. Collaboration and networking is the best thing the pandemic has taught us. Now, children are meeting their friends through technology.”

Dr Padmaja Kutty, Principal, Ramniwas Bajaj High School, Mumbai said “The pandemic has been a great teacher for all of us. Technology has helped us to connect with children, which helps us to build skills within our students. Technology can help to inculcate NEP 2020 skills within students”.

Dr Padmaja Kutty also added “Children’s are now can be called “Digital natives.” Blended learning is the way ahead, which can give children the best learning. We have to find new ideas to make the classroom more interactive.”

We must be focusing more on skills rather than degrees. We have to bring numerous skills to our classrooms, added Dr Padmaja Kutty.

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