Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University focuses on skill development to meet industry requirements

skill development

The Delhi and Skill Entrepreneurship University aims to focus on making students highly skilled and focuses on meeting industry needs.

In an interview with PTI, Neharika Vohra, the Vice Chancellor, The Delhi and Skill Entrepreneurship University, said: “We worked with the industry to first find out what are the job roles for which they don’t find talent. For instance, if a BA or BCom graduate joins a bank, they are sent for training for one-and-a-half years. But we have a course that will help students attain the level of a BA and all the knowledge around the financial industry like insurance.”

The faculty members and experts of the university have focused on designing the curriculum to make it current and up-to-date. The university has made the curriculum in such a way that it is completely industry-ready. The university also imparts lessons that are subject-related.

As we all know, there is a huge requirement of skilled manpower in most of the Indian industries, it is very vital to focus on it. Around 3000 hours have been given in designing a curriculum that can nurture talent for the industry. Not only this, it has virtual labs for students to do their practicals. Students are also taught employability skills like english language, etiquette, critical thinking including others.

The university is expecting the board results announcement soon. After that, the admission process will start and seats will get filled up. “Currently, students are visiting us to learn about the university and some of them are also filling out registration forms. We are seeing 30,000 visitors on our website daily. At least 5,000 registration forms have been filled out while 16,000 students have started the registration process but not completed it,” she added.

“My vision for the university is that this is a place where people will come and they will get deeply skilled in the field they choose. They will do well in that field. They will learn to do well enough to excel in their job or entrepreneurship. The idea is to not only learn a subject but to learn skills as well. Our lessons will be 60 percent practice and 40 percent theory,” she added.