“Aligning Ourselves to Enrich Rural India for Sustainable Development & Community Engagement”

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The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, KIET Group of Institutions has always given a helping hand for the holistic development of society. This,in turn, contributes to the overall development of the Country.After a deep introspection, the department felt an urgent need to answer the following pressing questions for the enrichment of community:

How can one live in the comfort of urbanization when 66 percent of Indians are deprived of their basic amenities?

How can one exhaust the fossil fuels in luxurious vehicles when electricity is a dream for many of our brothers and sisters in rural areas?

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How can one waste the food resources when every grain is soaked in the farmer’s sweat and blood?

There is no doubt that rural India is an indispensable part of urban India, and every citizen is indebted to support that. Therefore, our initiatives are focussed towards under-served communities around the country and to provide them benefits of technology as we seek sustainable solutions. These solutions can bring about a long-term difference in the lives of people.

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In fact, teachers and budding engineering graduates act as role models who employ engineering to influence great changes in the society. Engineers also serve as advisors in real life situations through humanitarian projects, serve to put us in touch with our own aspirations and to make an impact in the world through our best abilities – our engineering skills. We can achieve our aspirations &desires for engineering through our humanitarian activities for the society.

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering visited various nearby villages and explored the root cause of the alarming condition of rural India and the reasons that came to the fore, were the challenges like electricity depravity, illiteracy, lack of awareness towards emerging technologies and career prospective, basic amenities, ill-use of natural resources, waste management systems etc.

Projects related to mobile operated pump for automated tube wells, Mechanical Scarecrow-to Detect the animals that intrude the fields and scares them away before they can cause any harm to the crops, water level controller for overhead tank to save water from wastage by controlling the motor, Battery operated cart for pesticide spray, Soil Moisture Indicator- senses the moisture content present at the effective root zone of the plant and giving accurate result in the form of visual indication through different light Emitting Diodes levels, etc., will be installed to uplift the villages.

With the use of Technology, every corner of our country has to be benefitted and the core engineering fields like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering should flourish and make the nation strong, stable and sustainable.

An Illuminated India-Impassable without Electrical Engineers!

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