Youth: Forerunner of the future & the way ahead

International Youth Day

The torch bearer of future developments and nation-building, youth has all the power to spearhead the changes needed in the constantly evolving world. Commemorating the youth’s excellence and their unbreakable courage, we have marked the 22nd anniversary of “World Youth day”.

On December 17, 1999, the UN General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, and International Youth Day was formed. From the first time celebrating it in August 2000, we have destined it for a long. Ever since then, youth is bringing value addition & societal alteration for the better. The major purpose of the UN while formulating this special day was to look at the challenges and problems faced by youth.

After the stagnant two years through the pandemic, youth is facing some major challenges in the education sector. The entire dishes on the platter of the education arena are altered. Now, the world is looking forward to educators not only as preachers of context but also as industry experts who can reskill, and upskill the students for a future-ready workforce. Youth can be a pertinent part to direct this entire changing landscape to end at a promising vista.

On the occasion of “World Youth Day”, Sheeba Chauhan of Elets News Network(ENN) interacted with a few industry leaders to get some enlightening insights. Edited Excerpts:

CP Gurnani

CP Gurnani, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Tech Mahindra, said, “The pandemic has further underscored the dire need to seek transformational change towards a more sustainable tomorrow. I firmly believe that young minds across the globe have the power to lead this evolutionary change. We are currently living in the era of purpose and youth is our ‘Parth Saarthi’, navigating the chariot of the economy around undulating bends. They can shoulder the responsibility of creating a new world that is resilient and sustainable. From time immemorial, their intellect and undefeatable spirit have anchored nations to safety in troubled situations.

On this International Youth Day, I urge young minds to vigorously engage their passion, ability, aptitude, and intellect in gaining relevant skills to lead the change from the front and remain in sync with the innovation-driven world. I also call upon the industry, academia, and the government to collaborate to provide the perfect mix of ‘industry-ready’ skill sets to the youth that can empower them to become job generators rather than job seekers. A collaborative approach is a key to addressing the skill gap for the creation of a new tomorrow.”

Rajiv Bhalla

Rajiv Bhalla, Vice President of Sales, Large Video Wall Experience, Barco APAC said, “India’s most treasured asset is its youth population, our demographic dividend in terms of the youth population is a key factor that is expected to propel economic growth, innovation, drive culture, and diversity. The large youth population offers great workforce and entrepreneurship opportunities in domestic and international markets contributing significantly to digital natives and new age skills. The attractive proposition of youths in India can provide a host of services to several countries in various sectors such as disruptive technologies, IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare etc. The current working Indian population presents multiple unique and interesting possibilities for our nation’s future, in terms of economic growth, social mobility, and diverse cultural fabric. This International Youth Day let’s pledge to enable our youth with new age technologies, encourage learning and acquisition of skills, creating a technology-powered world aimed at achieving global sustainability and driving social impact.”

Agendra Kumar, Managing Director, Esri India, said, “The youth are the embodiment of energy, positivity, creativity and an innovative spirit. They possess huge potential in solving the most difficult challenges of the world, provided they are given the right direction and training at the right time. The significance of geospatial technologies in creating a more sustainable world for everyone cannot be stressed enough, and as a leader in GIS software and solutions, we are strongly inclined to inculcate the necessary knowledge and skills in the youth so that they can make a measurable impact in the future. Along with working with 800+ universities, we strive to empower the youth with technical competence through unique initiatives like the Esri India Young Scholar program, GeoInnovation, etc. A major part of our workforce comprises of young talent, and by nurturing them, we hope to make a significant contribution towards building a stronger digital India.”