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There’s no alternative to AI and machine learning in today’s era. It has become the foundation for tomorrow’s future, shared Vidyaa Patiil, Principal, Dr. Shivajirao S Jondhle International School, Asangaon in an exclusive interview with Sheeba Chauhan of Elets News Network. Edited excerpts:

What is your educational philosophy, and how does it influence your leadership style and decision-making as a school principal?

Before being a principal, I’m a teacher. I believe that there should be an availability of education for all. There should not be any bias when it comes to giving out knowledge. That’s why my beliefs align with the NEP 2020, which is described as inclusive and collaborative education for all. For me as a teacher, my students hold the utmost importance. That’s why as a principal, I always guide my teachers to follow this principle of knowledge for all. I undertake responsibilities like counseling and training for my teachers which helps them understand these principles and be the best version of themselves for our students. All of these learnings are quite frankly reflected in their teachings and propaganda in creating a better and safer place for our students to learn.

Could you describe the unique aspects or strengths of Dr. Shivajirao S. Jondhle International School that set it apart from other regional educational institutions?

The answer lies in the quality of education we provide. The school is based in a rural area and I can proudly say that we have been able to achieve this small feat of providing a metropolitan school-level education to those living in a rural area. Our school is well-equipped to raise the bar for quality education. Our teachers are well-trained in various developmental programs and can provide a safe environment for the students to learn at their own pace. We closely take responsibility for a child’s personal development which involves the teacher, the child’s parents, and me as well.

Due to such provisions, we have been able to raise our numbers (of children) to almost 500 since the time of covid. Our school has an infrastructure matched to be comfortable for the kids and not bring out the traditional monotony in our kids. We have also undergone total digitisation so that the children are familiar with technology and the outer world and are ready to accept such challenges with ease. To comprise all of the aforementioned things, we do not compromise our children’s development in any area or aspect of their lives!

Dr. Shivajirao S Jondhle International School has won many awards in its short but inspirational journey. How would you describe your experience of receiving an award at the global platform – Elets World Education Summit in the “Innovative Practices in Academic Excellence” category?

I have been blessed by the gift of curiosity. And I use this gift to keep learning new things. My students get to learn it through my teachers. Having such a huge exposure on a global level was quite exciting as well as humbling for me. Attending such seminars and workshops has given me the confidence to boost our growth significantly. Being creative with what I learn and implementing it in our teachings has resulted in us receiving this award.

How do you envision the role of coding and AI in students’ career development and what opportunities does your school offer in this regard?

There’s no alternative to AI and machine learning in today’s era. It has become the foundation for tomorrow’s future. We have integrated AI and machine learning as an undeniable part of our education system. Both the pros and cons are taught to students to let them have a good understanding of the concept. STEM, AI/robotics are included in the curriculum. Given the conditions of rural areas, parents have slowly started accepting these changes in the children’s curriculum. Within a span of 1 to 2 years, every child as well as parent will be familiar with AI.

Our learning management system is a 360-degree holistic progressive card that maps the student’s all-around attitude towards such learnings and evaluates it accordingly.

You are committed to providing a stable and supportive environment, where students get immense guidance through daily interaction with the faculty. In the age of AI, do you think this faculty-student relationship will fade away?

No. Humanity has always been the creator. Whether it’s the first wheel or today’s AI. As humans, it is necessary to maintain an emotional connection to successfully pass on knowledge. The AI may be able to impart great knowledge but emotions have been and will be a constant need while processing the knowledge. That’s where the faculty-student relationship gets its roots from. We still remember the teacher who pinched our ears and made us learn our numbers, right? Therefore I firmly believe that teachers play a crucial role emotionally in every student’s life. Whether the education is online or offline.

As a leader in education, what are your future aspirations and goals for Dr. Shivajirao S. Jondhle International School, and how do you plan to achieve them?

My biggest goal is to raise our children with the metropolitan level of education.

Our children should be futureready. They should be able to overcome their societal beliefs break barriers and create a breakthrough in their respective careers. We all are working hard towards this goal!

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