Empowering Educators with Modern Instructional Techniques


Teachers need to be able to integrate the application of AI into the fulfilment of their duties, to a limit that does not annul teacher involvement, as well as be able to teach AI skills to their students and also be to identify and deal with cases of AI misuse, shares Reham El Kammah, Chief Academic Officer and Founder, Campus 51 powered by Benchmark Academy in an exclusive interaction with Nidhi Shail Kujur of Elets News Network (ENN).

As the inaugural provider of teacher certification in the Middle East, could you share information about the accreditation process for your certificates?

The Benchmark Academy introduced the Benchmark Qualified Teacher Status (BQTS) program to address regional discrepancies in teacher preparation. Accredited by the CPD Standards Office and affiliated with AAQEP, the program maintains high standards in content and quality through expert assessments and ongoing reviews. BQTS program requirements encompass evidence of learning, practice, and reflection, evaluating pedagogical theory understanding, practical applications, and reflective practice. Notably, the program includes a mentorship component, where candidates engage experienced mentors for support in practice-related assignments, further enhancing the learning journey.

What courses should teachers enrol in to acquire practical skills, develop new capabilities, and stay abreast of current trends in education? Additionally, how does Benchmark Academy support educators in this endeavour?

Benchmark Academy’s platform offers accredited featured courses that are related to current proven best practices in education considered the latest trends. Whether tackling general content such as growth mindset or subjectspecific content like metacognition in math, the short course content is sure to keep teachers abreast of the latest proven practices. The content of the featured courses is also accredited by CPD and is being subjected to continuous review and updates to ensure relevance.

Could you explain what a Train of Trainers (TOT) course entails and outline the criteria or eligibility requirements for participation? Additionally, how does it differ from other courses?

A Train of Trainers (TOT) course equips experienced professionals with the latest theories and practices in instructional design, coaching, mentoring, and assessment. Designed for middle and top-level educational leaders and educators transitioning to training careers, it emphasizes the importance of online training skills in today’s tech-driven world. The program encourages collaboration and knowledge exchange among experienced professionals, offering a unique edge in staying up-to-date with industry standards and online training techniques.

Considering that teaching is a full-time occupation, how do you ensure the accessibility of your courses to accommodate the flexibility needed by teachers?

The nature of the teaching profession is a demanding one, teachers often put in additional hours outside their contract requirements for their work responsibilities to be fulfilled. Due to that nature and requirements, all courses are designed to accommodate teachers’ rigorous schedules. The majority of courses are designed to be self-paced with regular deadlines for submissions in a hybrid mode where both online and independent work are required. Online session schedules take place in the afternoon and on days that are outside the teachers’ regular contract hours.

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