India’s First AI Training Initiative Launched for 80,000 Teachers in Kerala

AI training

In a pioneering move set to revolutionize education, Kerala is embarking on a groundbreaking journey by offering AI training to around 80,000 secondary school teachers. Spearheaded by the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE), this unprecedented initiative marks a significant milestone in India’s educational landscape.

Commencing from May 2nd, the three-day training program aims to equip teachers from Classes 8 to 12 with essential AI skills, setting a national precedent for integrating cutting-edge technology into pedagogy. Through hands-on workshops, educators will delve into various facets of AI, ranging from text summarization to image production techniques.

According to an official announcement, they will receive the necessary AI knowledge by August 2024. The AI training focuses on summarization approaches for simplifying complicated texts in PDFs, pictures, and videos, as well as generating succinct summaries that retain critical information and even creating new material with AI technologies.

Teachers would acquire image production techniques for creating and editing subject-specific graphics, transforming them into cartoons or paintings, and incorporating text with the images, KITE said in a statement on Monday. This is followed by Prompt Engineering and Machine Learning, which aid in developing precise prompts required for effective use of AI tools and understanding their programming principles through practical use, according to the statement.

K. Anvar Sadath, Chief Executive Officer of KITE said the program will give opportunities to teachers to identify potential risks associated with AI, while fostering a culture of responsible AI usage. “In the training, teachers would also create their own avatars to understand the concept of deepfakes while gaining insights into privacy concerns and algorithm bias,” he said.

The official provided additional specifics about the anticipated training, stating that each batch will include 25 teachers who will use laptops and cell phones. KITE’s G-Suite accounts for teachers will be utilised to safeguard data privacy when using AI tools, and they will not be required to use their private email addresses or other credentials, he said.

The initiative underscores Kerala’s commitment to leveraging technology for educational advancement, setting a precedent for other states to follow suit. As the training unfolds, it promises to upskill teachers and pave the way for a more dynamic and responsive educational ecosystem in India.

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