Deepspatial Announces AI-Powered Education Platform Aligned With India’s National Education Initiative


Canadian AI leader Deepspatial announced the successful launch of its AI-powered education platform in India. This marks a major step forward for the country’s Vidya Samiksha Kendra (VSK) initiative, a program aiming to revolutionise education through real-time data and analytics.

Pilot Success in Meghalaya:

  • Deepspatial’s platform is already up and running in Meghalaya.
  • The AI system analyses data on attendance, student performance, and even teacher-student interactions.
  • This information provides valuable insights to improve educational quality and identify areas needing attention.

Nationwide Impact:

  • The VSK platform holds immense potential.
  • Expected to reach millions of students and teachers across India, it promises to improve learning outcomes and empower educators.
  • The success in Meghalaya has even drawn interest from other states looking to replicate the model.

Collaboration and Innovation:

  • Deepspatial’s platform is a product of collaboration with a leading Japanese tech giant.
  • Deepspatial highlights its commitment to continuous improvement and will work on adding new features to enhance the platform further.


  • “We are excited to see the successful launch of the VSK platform. Our platform is designed to empower teachers, engage students, and improve learning outcomes,” stated Dr Rahul Kushwah, CEO of Deepspatial
  • “The system is designed to understand the reality of the ground situation of our children and our schools… By having the system in place, we can now track the performance… more efficiently.” – Shri Rakkam A Sangma, Education Minister of Meghalaya.

Overall, this news highlights the positive impact Deepspatial’s AI technology is having on education in India. The VSK platform offers a glimpse into the future of education, where data-driven insights guide improvements for teachers, students, and the entire education system.

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