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Bharathi Educational Society
Organisation: Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology
Implementing Agency: Jamnabai Narsee School
Objective: To develop India by providing quality education along with requisite personality traits
Description: Establishing various colleges and institutes and providing quality education to the students. Following simple living and high thinking philosophy to develop India
Target Group: Rural Area Region People

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Programmes at IIGN
Organisation: Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN)
Description: A five-week Foundation Programme for First Year B Tech Students. The programme has no formal classroom teaching for first five weeks. Instead there are structured activities under various topics like social awareness, ethics and values, creativity, Fine Arts, physical activities, team work and communication.
Objective: The foundation programme aims at nurturing creativity, communication skills, ethics, teamwork, social engagement and physical fitness among the students.
Target Group: UG and PG students
• Programme helps the students to get de-stressed
• Areas of concern can be addressed timely and talented students are encouraged
to pursue their talents enthusiastically
• Project based education encourages the students to solve socital problem

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Technology Integrated Education
Organisation: Dr K N Modi University
Objective: Dr K N Modi University is driven by singular focus on the value of open rigorous and intense inquiry
Description: Dr K N Modi University is dedicated for betterment of teaching facilities through the use of modern technologies. DKNMU uses computer supported synchronous and asynchronous learning approaches in which learning takes place via video interaction, live chat and time delayed communication tools.
Target Group: Students
• DKNMU effectively applies technology in the curriculum and throughout the course
• One major achievement of incorporating technology into instruction is to avoid a one-sizefits- all approach to learning
• Create opportunities for students to access technology outside of the classroom and university

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Enterprise Knowledge Management
Organisation: KLE Society’s BV Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology
Implementing Agency: Dassault Systemes India Pvt Ltd
Objective: To promote research and innovation in undergraduate engineering education, which will enable the engineering graduates to play a vital role in the socioeconomic development
Description: KLE Society’s BV Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology was established in the year 1947 in Hubli. To grow innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hubli, a number of academic initiatives are introduced in the undergraduate education. These initiatives have established a curriculum thread in the form of a course on social innovation, engineering design, mini-projects and capstone projects.
Target Group: Students of engineering at BVBCET, Hubli
• 200 socially-relevant projects successfully completed by the students
• Recognised by ‘International Institute for Developing Engineering Academics
(IIDEA)’, USA as OBE (outcome based education) trainers
• Multi-Disciplinary form of Engineering Education is becoming a reality

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Practice School
Organisation: K L University
Objective: Make Students Tailor Made for industries through Six months Internship and evaluation based on their learnt skills and technologies, which is a supplement to the BTech (UG- Engineering degree) project work as is practice in all other Engineering Colleges in India
Description: Practice School is an innovative method started by K L University for its graduating engineering students to make them benefited from Industrial trends and practices while their Under Graduation (UG) is ongoing
Target Group: Under Graduate (UG) Engineering Students
• Industrial exposure
• Hands on training
• Managerial skills

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Building Innovation and Research Capability
Organisation: ITM University
Objective: ITM University Gurgaon aims to bring a strong research and innovation capability in the University and be known and distinguished by original research and innovative outcomes which would contribute to the larger good of the industry and society
Description: Innovation is one of the crucial distinguishing features at ITM University. The university is innovative due to its
small size, a niche University of 3000 students, being responsive to new ideas, and most important possess a high intellectual capital in terms of faculty
Target Group: Students, industry, and society
• HT Campus declared ITM University as winner in the Excellence in the Engineering category in National Capital Region in 2013
• ITM University figured amongst the niche group of IITs and IIMs and was rated at par with IITs in logistics research in India in a white paper by top German technical universities in Germany

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Diya cell
Organisation: Vidhyapeeth Institute of Science and Technology
Objective: To educate and prepare multiple handicapped children to live within the community, having achieved three-fold independence – physical, social and financial to the best of their abilities
Description: The students are motivated for teaching and helping the needful children who are actually not able to study himself. Students visit the government handicapped Bal Ashram and teach them. They also help the poor students by providing the scholarships.
Target Group: 5 to 21 years
• Admitted several students and providing them free education
• During extra classes, senior students teach junior students in the guideline of faculties, which helps the seniors for preparation of
competitive exams.

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Innovation in Energy
Organisation: SAL Institute of Technology & Engineering Research
Objective: The main objective behind all this invention is to conserve the energy and try to develop extra energy from the  surrounding environment
Description: A novel speed breaker will utilise the speed and weight of the moving vehicles to generate electricity. – A novel drip irrigation system will save water and very much economical in compare to current drip irrigation system. A novel water power clock will replace all the clocks that run on cell, because the present invention will run the clock with the help of water.
• Received various awards
• All the invention are inspected by government and appreciated by the local people

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Automated Classrooms
Organisation: Maharaja College of Engineering
Objective: The institute is set-up with the objective of providing quality technical education while sensitising students towards the needs of the society
Description: The education programme of the institute is designed to respond to the intellectual capital requirement of business and industry. The institute’s mandate is to create technology enabled management solutions for nation building. Maharaja College of Engineering creates an effective blend of activities and interactive multimedia demonstrations to make learning more engaging and fun
Target Group: Students
• Education Excellence Award 2012
• Best Citizens of India Award 2012
• Rating B++ By ICRA
• Indian Leadership Award in Education Excellence 2011

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