For the first time, digitalLEARNING, Asia’s leading education magazine has come up with the ranking of India’s top Preschools. “India’s Top Preschool Ranking 2016” has been introduced for generating public awareness and enhancing know-how about the preschool segment. Since last fi ve years, our magazine has been publishing the ranking for top schools of India. Our experience in K-12 school ranking helped us venture into the rankings of India’s preschools in standalone and franchises, one of the most rapidly growing segments in education sector.

Preschool ranking covers the best preschools of India’s 10 metro cities. It also includes information about the world of preschools, factors and methods to rank them. The ranking is for all those who are somehow attached to a preschool like parents, teachers, educators and school management.

Preschool is an early childhood learning programme where children learn while playing. Usually, children aged 3 – 5, are enrolled in preschools, some preschools allow kids as young as two years. Preschools are different from traditional day care centres. In preschools, the emphasis is on learning and development of kids whereas the daycare centers enable parents to work or pursue other activities.

‘India’s Top Preschool Ranking 2016’ is our effort to affect the segment in a better way. Though there are 1.6 million ‘Anganwadis’ in our country, the public is restricted to private preschools only. It indicates the requirement of transformation of the country’s ‘Anganwadis’ into full-fl edged pre-primary schools.

To generate awareness in the public, we have convened various conferences and summits in different states and cities across the country. Globally and nationally renowned ECCE pundits along with principals and teachers from across India have participated in these events and shared their expertise and knowledge about the preschool segment.

Considering all that enthusiasm and aforementioned factors in government and private space of preschool segment, digitalLEARNING presents the “India’s Top Preschool Ranking 2016”. This was perhaps an unprecedented attempt whereby the service providers invited service seekers to rank their performance on an open platform where they had no control or influence over the outcomes. You would therefore find a significant variance of participation across education destinations on this count. There were cities where schools couldn’t decipher the intent of the same and thereby missed the boat.

Ranking top preschools of India is one of the most challenging tasks, given the large size of the educational ecosystem. To start with, we sent the ranking questionnaire to more than 1000+ preschools across the country. Preschools displayed overwhelming enthusiasm in the activity and 800+ schools sent us the filled questionnaire. Preschool ranking has been done in two categories: Standalone Preschools and Franchise Preschools. Based on various factors for both the categories, rankings have been allotted to the preschools. Franchise preschools have been also ranked region wise. Complete methodology for preschool ranking is as follows:

We allotted cumulative ranks to the schools and formed a city wise ranking, segregated across various cities of India: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida and Kolkata.

Ranking Results and outcomes - Standalone Preschools

Laying the foundation of children’s career, the relatively new phenomenon of preschools where tiny-tots are introduced to the concept of learning is playing a crucial role in education world. Due to their vast presence and consistently rising number, it becomes interesting to explore what makes a few the finest among the rest.

Top 5 National Preschool Chains of India

Top Franchise Preschools of Northern Region

Top Franchise Preschools of Eastern Region

Top Franchise Preschools of Western Region

Top Franchise Preschools of Southern Region