Competition is Vital for Suppliers and Customers Alike : Peter Ormerod, International Business Development Manager, Promethean

Online learning and e-Content will see substantial growth, as will the introduction or pedagogically proven technologies such as Promethean ActivBoards,  which bring enormous benefits to the effectiveness of whole class, collaborative teaching and learning.

What are your core products? What do your think you have an edge over others; what are your core strength?

ALMOE Digital Solutions are the distributors for Promethean Interactive Whiteboards in India. Being a part of ALMOE Group Dubai a pioneer in the Audio Visual world, we also represent a wide range of Audio Visual products from major brands of the world such as SONY, EPSON, SAMSUNG, HITACHI, etc. to name a few.

What are specific issues within the ICT-enabled education sector that your think your product can address?
Promethean Interactive Whiteboards are the most preferred electronic whiteboards in the world. Unlike many other brands, Promethean’s primary focus is on the Educational Sector. With its intuitive interface, huge collectionof educational resources and rigid structure, Promethean ActivBoards are the best choice of both teachers and students alike.
What in your opinion is driving the e-Learning market in India? Which sector in the market will see extensive growth in the next few years?
The education market in India is diverse and vast, driven by the demand for high quality, effective learning opportunities. Online learning and e-Content will
see substantial growth, as will the introduction or pedagogically proven technologies such as Promethean ActivBoards, which bring enormous benefits to the of whole class, collaborative teaching and learning. What are the key challenges and road blocks that this industry faces in its paths of growth? It’s often not a question of road blocks; sometimes educationalists have a bewildering choice of routes and are unsure of the best solution – especially where new technologies and “revolutionary” (which for some means ‘unproven’) are involved. ActiveBoards are particularly attractive because they
allow proven, traditional whole class learning to be delivered in a dynamic and engaging way. Educationists can see that this represents not just a huge step forward, but it’s in a direction that they are comfortable with and can readily
understand and integrate into their existing environments and lesson plans. What is the USP of your company or the products, and how far that has been able to position you uniquely in the market? Do you face the force of competition in any means?
Competition is vital for suppliers and customers alike, as a key agent of change and positive development. Promethean have a number of key USPs in the education market, especially as we have focussed all our efforts into meeting the needs of teachers and students. These include award winning software, an extensive library of resource materials and unrivalled teacher training and support. However, it is the sheer usability and effectiveness of our ActivBoards which really sets Promethean apart. What are your views on the maturity of the e-Learning market or sectors within it in India. Have you ever tried to read the e-Learning market in India in terms of potentials, chances for deep penetration, proving the winning status to your company, etc.? e-Learning, though being used by a few in India, at present it is in its infancy. The potentials are enormous and we believe it is now the right time to invest in creating awareness in the sector.
Where do you see e-Learning in India
after five years? What is there in your personal agenda for this period?
It would be a time where, people will effectively make use of their skills by
further studies and doing research with the help of e-Learning.

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