The Now Big Thing Not New Big Thing – e-Learning : Navyug Mohnot, CEO, QAI

The basic fact that is driving and will drive the e-Learning market is the positive economics of the e-Learning solutions. The Indian IT industry is a 40 billion dollar industry and e-Learning is the only way to address this growing IT population. As they say “e-Learning is not the next big thing; it is the now big thing”, says Navyug Mohnot, the CEO of QAI.

We are a consulting firm with a wide portfolio of learning products. Our knowledge offerings are aimed at providing a complete solution to the client.

Also, our unique advantage lies in the fact that we are not just a training provider. We are not just an e-Learning factory. We are a consulting firm, rooted in making organisational improvements happen and transforming knowledge into learning that is eventually translated into behaviours.

QAI is a leading global consulting organisation addressing `Operational Excellence` in IT, BPO and Knowledge intensive organisations.

QAI`s regional bases across the globe in the US, Singapore, China, Malaysia, UK and India helps to distribute innovatively and manage engagements across multiple locations.

The e-Learning market is sitting at the cusp, waiting to explode. The timing, model and the value proposition is just right. The Indian market is warming up to the concept and very soon, e-Learning would become the answer to all the woes of all IT HR managers

The company was founded in the United States 23 years ago, while QAI India was set up as the regional hub for the Asia Pacific in 1993. EdistaLearning, the core product is targeted at the core problems facing the ICT industry today :Just in time, high quality training and massive attrition. e-Learning is the order of the day,
with intense requirement of on-boarding, deployment and up-skilling
of the thousands of recruits that get hired per quarter. While quoting the popular view on e-Learning, Navyug says, “We need to bring learning to people instead of bringing people to learning” and that is what EdistaLearning does. The competitive advantage of EdistaLearning is the unique synergy of QAI`s consulting and training experience and expert content from gurus like Dr. Roger Pressman. Also, companies offering e-Learning on C, C++, Oracle etc. are in plenty, but to provide domains of Software Engineering and Quality Management is unique and unparalleled.

Due to the individual nature of our offerings, we don`t face the force of competition. Our services are uniquely positioned in the market.

An organisation such as Infosys has announced to hire 28,000 employees in this year. They would all need to be trained. This is because most companies today are troubled by the growing attrition and feel the need for constant engagement of the employee through various avenues including e-Learning.

In my opinion, the IT and the BPO sectors would consume huge market share of the e-Learning industry in the near future.

The underlying issue that the e-Learning industry faces is that in conventional mindset, e-Learning does not have as much credibility
as classroom training. Also, it doesnot hold the same amount of
weight age as  an instructor led programme. This can be overcome by internationally recognised certifications or by a blended  learning programme.

The e-Learning market is sitting at the cusp, waiting to explode. The timing, model and the value proposition is just right. The Indian market is warming up to the concept and very soon, e-Learning would become the answer to all the woes of all IT HR managers.

Currently, blended learning is the highlight of the day. With the backing of the experience of  having trained over 75,000 professionals in the instructor led mode and expert content from  international gurus for our e-Learning courses, we are doing pretty well as a training provider.

QAI facilitates enhanced competitiveness through multi-faceted interventions leading to Business Improvement through Consulting, Training, People, Process and Operational Assessments, Benchmarking, Certification, Conferences, Resource provisioning through Quality Outsourcing and e-Learning through QAI eSchool.

Over the years, my critical learning has been that we as individuals, as an organisation and as an industry, need to have the ability to constantly and relentlessly keep learning because the world around us changes everyday.e-Learning will be an integral element in the training processes of every organisation and it will be the most powerful tool to effectively on-board, induct and train the thousands of people who get hired every quarter.

Our intent is to take Software Engineering and Quality Management education to every desktop and unleash the creation of a massive workforce to meet India`s 80 billion target.

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