Would Love to Build More Companies Like Ours

The Indian e-Learning market is fairly mature in the area of content.  However, we are yet to see the growth in the technology area.

What are your core products? What do your think you have an edge over others; what are your core strength?

We have IP products in Learning Management System (LMS) and Test Engine and are developing School Management System, Knowledge Management System and Virtual Classroom products.  Our core strength is our domain understanding of technology enabled learning deliveries.  We have one of the best teams in the industry and have always delivered very high quality well within time. This is a process we have perfected.

What are specific issues within the ICT-enabled education sector that your think your product can address?

We provide end-to-end solutions to ICT enabled education. Specific issues of complex distribution architecture and highly dynamic user requirement can be very well handled by our team.

What in your opinion is driving the e-Learning market in India?

Right now it is the corporate sector which is driving the e-Learning market and it is continuously growing at over 30% + CAGR.  In the long run however the investments in the education sector will be much high since the number of beneficiaries is extremely large.

What are the key challenges and road blocks that this industry faces in its paths of growth?

There seems to be a lack of social or industry level framework to address important issues in a collective fashion. Lot of good work by various organisations does not even reach the mainstream due to the lack of institutional support and suitable engagement framework.

What is the USP of your company or the products, and how far that has been able to position you uniquely in the market? Do you face the force of competition in any means?

Our main USP is the price at which we deliver world class products.  In our service model we have achieved tremendous success due to consistent high quality deliveries on time.  We recognise and welcome competition since it brings up the standards of the whole industry and constantly pushes up client expectations. This actually is something that is helping us to constantly challenge ourselves.

What are your views on the maturity of the e-Learning market or sectors within it in India. Have you ever tried to read the e-Learning market in India in terms of potentials, chances for deep penetration, proving the winning status to your company, etc.?

The Indian e-Learning market is fairly mature in the area of content.  However, we are yet to see the growth in the technology area. The potential is constantly growing in the area of content and we right now are at the top end of the band in terms of knowledge, understanding and experience.

The area of technology is still quite unexplored considering that most of our education delivery is still fighting a digital divide of sorts.  This is an area where there will be tremendous opportunities that will come up.

What has been your most crucial learning experience in this sector?

Building value and being able to scale it up constantly is a big learning in this sector.

Where do you see e-Learning in India after five years? What is there in your personal agenda for this period?

In five years, Indian e-Learning will be a very mature industry and would have jump started into hi-tech areas like deliveries on mobile and IP television. I would love to build more companies like ours.  

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