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It is exciting times for India, with the emergence and potential of it becoming a global power.  However, if it is to reach such heights there is no doubt that Education will play a huge role in ensuring that this undoubted potential is fulfilled.

As we enter the 21st Century, technology will continue to play a vital part in the success of India. India now has one of the highest number of IT graduates in the world and what is clear that the Classroom now needs to catch up fast with the modern IT environment of the workplace.

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As we subject young people to technology in the working environment we must now put some of this technology in to education sector creating classrooms of the future. The younger the students are subjected to such an environment the quicker they will adapt to this technology and develop the skills needed for the economy in the future.

This is where Genee Solutions India comes in! We have been developing 'Classrooms for the Future' for the last 10 years all around the world! We have played and are still playing a key role in developing thousands of classroom in the UK with this new technology. This technology includes Interactive Whiteboards (Genee Power Boards), Visualisers (GeneeVision), Voting Systems (Classcomm & Census) and Wireless Slates (Genee Slates).

However, this technology is only successful if it incorporates Interactive Learning Software and this has always been our specialism since 1999.

Where does this drive, determination and focus come from. Well, I myself was a teacher for 10 years in the UK with the responsibility of integrating Information Communication Technology (ICT) across the curriculum in a variety of secondary schools. I saw ten  years ago what impact such technology could make to learning and there is now no doubt that as a company we have made a huge impact in this area. So much so that we are now one of the largest providers of ICT equipment to schools (as GeneeWorld or Interactive Education) in the UK.

What excites me the most is that I can now see this revolution happening in India –  the place which my family calls 'home'. Having developed thousands of classrooms in the UK and the US, me and my company Genee Solutions India feel privileged that we can now make this happen in India itself!

What excites me the most is that the Curriculum Content Development and Research & Development for all out products is done in India. No longer will we develop technology and content to be then shipped to the UK and US to benefit students over there, but our children in India will also be the benefactors of this technology.

In this way we are very different from our competitors. Most of them have developed their content in the US or UK and are now adapting the same content for Indian market. We develop our hardware and software in India by listening to the needs of our Indian schools and then providing the exact solution that they require.

Overall, I personally, as well as my company, are looking forward to playing a key role in moving Indian schools forward so that our education system can meet the demands of the 21st Century and also secure our children's future. The most important thing to me is to ensure that we achieve our potential as a future global power in the world by ensuring our children have access to technology tools in their education to achieve their as well as thecountry's potential.

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