Producing Future Leaders With Global Perspective : Nirmal Kumar Tewari, Scindia School, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Nirmal Kumar Tewari
Principal, Scindia School, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

“The schools which have integrated technology should make it available to schools around them and allow the optimum usage of the infrastucture”

What is your vision for quality education in Scindia School?

The vision of the school is to be a pre-eminent centre of learning in the country producing future leaders with global perspective and an Indian ethos. To ensure that our vision meets it`s motive, each student`s course of study is carefully planned and followed. Each term a student progresses at his own pace unimpeded by others. Those with outstanding qualities are given opportunities to shine and not rust unfurnished, and others lend a helping hand with understanding to reach their potential.

Please tell us about the curriculum and learning methodology followed in your school.

Our school is from Class VI to Class XII. The school follows the CBSE curriculum from classes IX to XII but in lower classes a lot of innovation is practiced and in most subjects project based learning and experience based learning is emphasised and practiced. The use of technology is prevalent, regular visits to various sites of historical, geographical, scientific experience is part of the regular school schedule.

What are the initiatives taken up by your school for integrating ICT in education?

Our initiatives can be divided in three areas: Infrastucture development, ie, putting computers and networks in place, procuring software, model class rooms, computer labs, etc; Integrating faculty in this initiative through workshops on technology for almost six months; Exposing students to various initiatives like use of internet, e-Mail in a gradual manner. A concept of e-Portal was developed to serve as a common platform for all stakeholders of the school. 

Through these intiatives, project-based learning got a great boost and students developed the skills of sifting through the huge information available and creating knowledge, and also learnt the skills of presentation and effective communication.

What are the major challenges as far as ICT in education is concerned?

The most difficult part was to get the teachers feel confident and address their fear of technology. It required lot of hand holding and was time consuming. But with continued effort and time, we managed to remove these hurdles and I am pleased to note that 99% of our faculty is computer savy and not just computer literate. They enter attendance, Test and Examination Marks, their lesson plans routinely into the system. Most of them use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point with ease.

How do you built teachers` capacity in rendering technology mediated education?

This is the most important aspect because if teachers do not own it, the whole process can not be sustained. Therefore, we have capacity of the in-house training as and when it is required. Every month at least two modules are made available to teachers who wish to further improve their skills to learn new things. This is the most  regular and continuous process.

How do you see Public Private Partnership for enhancing proper use of technology in school education?

A lot of work in this area is required to be done. The schools which have integrated technology should make it available to schools around them and allow the optimum usage of the infrastucture. The IT companies need to frame special packages for schools so that the finances for running a facility like this can be kept under control, the gap between `have and haves not` has to be bridged as much as possible.

What are the future initiatives/plans for integrating ICT in school education?

The main objective is to make the use of technology all pervasive. The ICT setup needs to look at what it can do for any activity or process of the school. It actually does not mean that everything should be done using technology but to ensure that technology should be used to bring greater efficiency and greater educational value to any process.

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