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Classrooms are as unique as the teachers that teach in them and the students that learn in them. Rarely are there two alike and even ones proportioned the same are usually arranged very differently. It is this spirit of individuality eBeam is designed to embrace. Its compact size and feature-rich software can be used by the most nervous technophobe or the most skilled techie and everybody in between.
At a fraction of the cost of other Interactive White Board solutions, the highly portable and cost-effective eBeam systems turn ordinary White Boards into interactive tools.

The eBeam receiver, at just 6 inches across and 140 Grams, fits seamlessly into the corner of any existing White Board and can activate up to 8 feet of board space. When one turns the projector off, the White Board goes back to being just that can activate up to 8 feet of board space. When one turns the projector off, the   White Board goes back to being just that – a White Board. In      absence of a projector, the eBeam White Board software can be   used to record notes using real dry erase markers. equipment for students and faculty. To    capture and distribute the brainstorms created in the  study groups and larger classes, the   Business School has installed eBeam Interactive White Board systems on their existing White  Boards in every classroom and lecture hall. Lecture notes are posted on a central website, so that students can have accurate copies of complicated charts and diagrams created  during   class.  The technology has dramatically improved the efficiency of learning and has  been   extremely well-received, not only by  programme participants, but also by internal staff.
4)  Improving Staff Technology Education  Traditional technology instruction sessions in which      teachers sign up for an hour-long  class on PowerPoint or other applications simply  don’t work. Scheduling classes around  the coaching, tutoring, and other out-of-class responsibilities for a large group faculty can  be impossible. Instead, technology leaders within   chools can leverage interactive whiteboard and projection technology to hold   training sessions in person or remotely via the Internet. This makes it possible to train staff new software available locally, as well as new Internet-based tools at their convenience.
5. Assisting with Home Schooling To support the off-site activities,
the school uses Interactive    White Board technology, email, instant messaging, and chat rooms  to extend personal  interaction beyond the  few hours spent on campus each week. The students can print, save,  and publish their  word maps and charts.\\ Five Ways eBea m can Improve Lea rning and    Communicati on in  the Class room:
. Capturing, Printing and Distributing Assignments, 

Notes and Drawings Interactive White Board solutions eBeam, is  used in math and science   classes to capture  notes and drawings as they are written on the White Board. Once they are  saved to a  computer, teachers can print copies of White Board notes and assignments, and       post the  nformation on their virtual workspaces on the Internet.
2. Leveraging Interactive  Media for Project Assignments
Teachers have begun to integrate technology as they design    new class projects. As an example, a history instructor,  tired of assigning traditional research  papers, assigned a research project using interactive  media tools. The students     loved the project, and the instructor enjoyed her role as facilitator, advising the students on    he research and coordinating the work of the teams.
3. Promoting Study Group Learning and Teamwork
A business school has found a more effective way to disseminate ideas and information between students, faculty, and  staff. Historically, an important component of    this particular MBA programme has been the open discussion and debate that takes  place in  classes of 40 to 60 students. These  classes break down into study groups of six  to eight  participants who work interactively to  generate ideas that are discussed later with the rest of   the class. The programme already offered state-ofthe  art computers, network, and     presentation In India, Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd., makes available

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