LSE and ITIDAITIDA launches ‘Beyond BRIC’ report in London

The Outsourcing Unit at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and ITIDAITIDA, the Information Technology Industry Development Agencythe Information Technology Industry Development AgencyInformation Technology Industry Development Agency. ITIDA of Egypt today launched the 'Beyond BRIC' Report in Central London. The study, researched independently by the LSE over 5 months, provides an original analysis of the offshoring competitiveness of 14 non-BRIC countries setting Egypt within the context of these locations. The ITIDAITIDA-commissioned study was presented at the launch by Professor Leslie Willcocks, Director of the LSE Outsourcing Unit. Also present was Hazem Abdelazim, CEO of ITIDAITIDA who spoke about Egypt's continuing progress as a global offshoring location.

The Report's findings suggest that Egypt's investment strategy in education, infrastructure and IT is paying off and is attracting offshoring and outsourcing business. Egypt scored particularly highly in terms of attractiveness of its low cost base, skilled workforce and market potential. Beyond BRIC utilised the LSE Outsourcing Unit's database of 1,000 plus global sourcing IT, BPO and offshoring studies from 1993-2009 as well as interviews with 50 plus client organisations, suppliers and analysts to compare Egypt with the following countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Morocco, Tunisia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Venezuela, Vietnam and the Philippines. According to Professor Leslie Willcocks, 'The Beyond BRIC study sheds new light on the global offshoring industry outside of traditional outsourcing markets, such as India. Egypt fared particularly well