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Educating today’s students means more than just getting them to pass tests. It also means  improving instruction for all students— and increasing student engagement and learning. A  classroom that meets this challenge is an interactive classroom. It  features students actively   interacting with  dynamic content rather than passively listening to teacher lectures or     answering questions at the end of a textbook chapter.  It takes advantage of tools that provide    tudents with a world of rich resources. Now, let us demonstrate how mimio    interactive technology is synonymous with  advanced innovation, quality, value and            commitment to award-winning educational classroom solutions.
mimio Technology:
How           oes it  Work?  Unlike conventional Interactive Whiteboard  technologies, mimio’s         tracking technology is not embedded in the whiteboard surface. Instead, it uses ultrasound and infrared to create a surface independent trackingsystem. This solution provides several benefits to both buyers and end users. The tracking system: The mimio system uses ultrasound and infrared to track the position of the pen and communicate pen information. The mimio attaches to any flat surface, either using suction cups or mounting brackets. The mimio contains two ultrasonic receivers and one infrared receiver. The two ultrasonic receives are fixed with a known distance between them. Benefits:Affordability, with all of the  functionality you expect from an Interactive White Board, is mimio’s most obvious benefits. The first factor is that the mimio system costs less to manufacture than competitive products and covers a larger surface area (up to an 8-foot by 4-foot White Board).
The second factor is that mimio attaches to an existing White Board, drastically reducing its installation expense. The third factor is mimio’s portability; multiple locations or classrooms can share a single device. The fourth and most important factor is that the mimio technology is not embedded in the White Board; as such, the tracking system will continue to work even if the surface board is damaged. Additionally, damage to White Boards will be less frequent.
Ease of installation and setup is another benefit. The mimio system ships in a small box that is quickly unpacked and setup by a single person in a matter of minutes, requiring no tools. Lastly, the mimio system was designed  o be extendable. All mimio accessories, including add-ons that can be used to create a wireless connection to the PC (mimio Wireless), capture real ink written by dryerase markers (mimio Capture Kit) and a mobile wireless tablet (mimio Pad), seamlessly integrated with the mimio hardware and software. Here are some examples of the impact and results experienced by a handful of the more than 200,000 “mimio teachers” around the world today.

Tara Jarman: Lifting Stud ents to Higher Ac hievement Tara utilises many websites that have projectable books,
phonics activities, andvideos such as , www., and When struggling  eaders are told to read a passage or story independently, they often stare out into space, and do not attend to it. However, when Tara puts a lesson on the mimio using Studio features such as reveal and spotlight, and calls on students to read, they all do it eagerly and perfectly! Tara pursued the mimio Master’s online training course including weekly assignments, learning and practicin   in online discussions and,perhaps most importantly, collaborating with teachers around the country.  After just 18  weeks of school that had risen to a 2.1 (first month of second grade)—six months of growth  n only four months!
Daniel Lynch: mimio In A Special Educ ation Sett ing  Daniel is a Special  Education teacher at  the Lake Braddock Secondary School in Burke,

VA. He teaches three  elf-Contained Math 8 classes as well as two Team Taught  Math 8 classes. Admittedly not a  technophile, Dan has found that interactive teaching with mimio Interactive White Boards   as been remotivating and that the technological aspects of using mimio are easily mastered.  s  e says “Unlike some technology tools, using  mimio never keeps me from paying attention to  y students. In fact, mimio advances their  learning, and that’s what teaching is all about –  earning.”  A mimio-enabled White Board can be used both as an Interactive White Board and   s a traditional dry-erase marker board. mimio does everything that other conventional IWB do, but in a manner that allows a user to get  started quickly and discover more depth as they  become more comfortable with the system. mimio’s Interactive learning products will  ontinue to be refined as mimio develops a  variety of complimentary edcational solutions specific to the classroom environment at a lower cost

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