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World-class learning tools which meet the holistic needs of today’s classrooms are widely  available from Promethean, the global leader and innovator in interactive learning. Connect with pupils by bringing the digital world into the classroom with The ActivClassroom – an innovative range of pick-and-mix products which enable teachers to take their pupils to    places they have never been before. Developed for teachers by teachers, The ActivClassroom    offers an all-encompassing solution that integrates 21st century technologies with an existing   classroom setup and comprises everything a teacher might need to create an     incredible educational  experience. Lesson plans are brought to life in a digital format, while  learning becomes truly  immersive via visual and audio technology, so engaging pupils,      capturing their attention and enriching the education of learners  from pre-school through to    ost-16. Interactive whiteboards are at the heart of The ActivClassroom and have  transformed the learning space into a vibrant, welcoming  environment where students are   encouraged to learn like they think. It doesn’t stop there.  Promethean’s market-leading   Learner Response Systems ensure every pupil has a voice. Assessment for learning is  a    revolutionary way for teachers to gain instant insights into pupil understanding of a concept,   lesson or idea, while creating an engaging environment that encourages    contribution and creativity. Award-winning  educational software is the spark that lights the   flame of learning, and Promethean’s own software has set the standard for 21st century   interactive learning by granting teachers  access to thousands of user-friendly tools to stimulate the imagination and renew pupils’  motivation to learn.  New ActivInspire is a  single product that combines the best of Promethean software  into one platform. It is a fun,  friendly and integrated classroom solutions and  technologies which empower teachers by  allowing them to engage, educate,  assess and motivate learners; and offers a comprehensive    support and professional  development service to enable optimum usage and return on  investment. Customise  your own ActivClassroom with our suite of interactive whiteboards,  Learner Response  Systems, teaching software and interactive tools to take your teaching to    the next level. is a free  online community where teachers from     lover the world come together to connect, share ideas and download useful teaching resources. WHERE TO THIS TIME?\\  versatile time-saver for teachers who choose how they  interface with the software – sophisticated for secondary, bright and inviting for primary. Lessons are brought to life with full colour  video, sound and graphics, but it’s more than just a  retty interface. It’s a fully functional, integrated tool which creates a stimulating real    world experience for users. Promethean is passionate about education and believes in building  partnerships that enrich the  learning environment. The ActivClassroomproducts are  distributed via a global network ofpartners and inspire millions of learners in more than 70  countries.  The company is committed to creating

Innovative products to enhance your   ActivClassroom
ActiVote: Wireless and user-friendly, ActiVote is Promethean’s original,  hand-held learner response  system. This electronic voting system integrates with the   interactive whiteboard and is a fast, effective way to obtain responses from the entire class.
ActivSlate: Interact from anywhere with this wire-free, fully integrated mini-board that  allows users the flexibility to move around the classroom as they teach.
     ActivTablet plugs directly into the computer’s USB port enabling maximum portability,  and   the wireless pen simulates interaction with the ActivBoard even when teachers are nowhere  near it.
ActivPanel: With Activpanel teachers get the power of interactive teaching on walls of  ll sizes.  This easy-to-use product features a 15 inch LCD mini-board which shows exactly  what’s on the computer screen.
A unique, battery-free, wireless pen that allows    pupils to drag and drop elements, highlight or open tools, on an ActivBoard or ActivSlate. An  on-screen cursor means pupils and teachers always know where they are, and the pen design  aids writing development from an early age.

ActivWand: This device acts just like the   ActivPen, but provides three times the reach to enables teachers and pupils of varying heights  o interact comfortably with the ActivBoard. Designed with a comfy handle and       clickable function, ActivWand is not just a pointer – it hovers,  nd can reveal dropdown  menus or web pages with flash features and is incredibly precise

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