Empower your School with Information Management System

One of the hardest challenges for Parents and Policy-maker today is finding the right school for children.

A new Talenticon-Spiral School Management Product backed with Growth Model is all set to soon make their choice much easier. The student-level data provided by the growth model can be summarized at the school level to provide policy-makers and other interested groups with a school average growth. When viewed over multiple years, policy-makers and parents can identify schools that are consistently strong in growing their student's level of knowledge, or those that are consistently weak. The Talenticon-Spiral Universe school management suite boasts, among other components: intuitive data analysis tools, integrated student and parent communication features, a robust reporting engine with support for state and federal standards, teacher grade books and schedules, a framework for remediation, and detailed medical records.

Talenticon is introducing “Spiral” in India on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Spiral is an integrated software suite used by schools to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve their management and administration. Our platform is designed to be used by K-12 public, independent, and charter schools, as well as small colleges and universities.

Talenticon-Spiral 2.0 integrates a range of customizable features:

Admission, Assessments, Alumni, Course Management, Parent Portal, Scheduling(Time Table), Email, File sharing, Grade book, Calendar, Reporting, Report Cards, School Work, Online Learning, Medical, Students Records, Fundraising into one versatile software suite delivered through a state-of-the-art WebTop interface and is designed to meet the demands of all members of a school's community.

Traditional education systems still works then why use “Talenticon-Spiral”?

Research indicates that educational institutes are rapidly embracing technology and moving towards integrating IT with the educational system to enable them to:

  • Align with International standards

  • Higher involvement of Stakeholders – Parents, Students, Teachers

  • A Greener solution

Want to make your school standout of the crowd of emerging schools?

Unlike every other school; your school can stand out of the crowd by:

  • Having a really effective School-Parent Interaction

  • Considerably reducing overall expenditure

  • Bringing down the efforts of teachers, students, parents and institute's management

  • Having a High Value Branding and Internationalization

What does Spiral have to offer you?

A highly researched, stable and successful international product by Spiral Universe Inc. (USA) specially made for School Information Management.

  • Web Based – No Software to download or install

  • Flexible, Customizable, Scalable and Secure

  • User Friendly and Easy Implementation

  • No Server needed to use Spiral Software

  • Available in Indian Regional Languages

Talenticon Spiral looks interesting, but is it costly?

  • Trial Package is FREE and available in different packages.

  • No Capital Investment.

  • Return of Investment for You:

  • 50-60% savings on paper

  • 25-30% savings in faculty efforts

  • 30-40% savings in student time

  • 20-30% Increase in overall infrastructure usage optimization

  • 60-70% increase in parent satisfaction

  • Reduce Electricity Bills and Save Energy

If your institution uses Talenticon-Spiral, what cost do you avoid?

  • Recurring monthly costs of approximately 40,000/month (including the consolidated man hours for all teachers, support staff and paper cost).

  • Other intangible attributes.

  • Server Cost for Software and infrastructure maintenance.

Quantify results and savings:

  • Report generation by consolidating feedbacks, suggestions and mapping to the planned action. Time Saver (students, teacher and parents time)

  • Operational ability (Quick reports and ease of management for teachers and school management).

Road Map:

  • Making Spiral available on Nokia mobile phones within 6 months.

  • Athletics Cafeteria/Catering Human Resources Yearbook Designer Transportation Library Accounting Dormitory Guidance Purchasing/Inventory School Store Special Education Mid-Day Meal

  • School Interoperability framework.
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