Education is a Recession free Industry

Our children are highly exposed to modern digital systems; they gain much knowledge from Google search and Facebook interactions

By Manjual Shroff, Founder and Pro Vice Chairperson—DPS, Ahmedabad |

With lot of new ICT technology coming in, education is now a happening industry. Education is being recognised an industry that offers lot of revenue. It is an industry that does not seem to be affected by the recession that affects other sectors. It is not impacted by the phenomenon like the rupee slipping in comparison to the dollar. The education sector can also benefit a lot if FDI is allowed. There is already lot of talk about allowing FDI in education space.

From chalk boards to digital boards
During a recent session at two of our schools, we asked the students if machine would be better at teaching as compared to a real teacher. In a country like USA the answer to such a question would be a resounding “yes.” But this is India, a country where we still believe in the human element. We respect the institution of gurudeva. Hence we had a kind of mixed response from our students.

There were some students who stated that they learn a lot from their teachers, only a few of them seemed to have a preference for digital method of education. After all, our teachers are only too human, quite often we have cases where students have complained to their parents about the corporal punishments that they have suffered in class. When teaching is being imparted through digital interfaces, corporal punishments will naturally get avoided.

In last two years there has been a concerted move towards leaving behind the chalk and talk method of teaching. Everyone has recognised the advantages that can be accrued when you move education into a digital environment.

Benefits of going digital
Think of the entire data management, your student management, your fee management, the process of continuous evaluations, everything gets completely streamlined. The teacher is completely free to devote himself or herself to the exercise of creativity. The maximum standards in education can be achieved through a process of digitisation. The abstract difficult curriculum comes alive and becomes easier for the student to understand when there is multimedia way of teaching.

In USA almost 50 percent of the students do their higher education online. But in India the reach of online education is still quite small. What we are following is a system of blended learning, which incorporates aspects of both – the conventional as well as technological. We need more digitisation in the education space. It is lot easier to teach students when you are using the medium of videos and pictures.

Today students are highly exposed to technology. We like to call today’s students the Facebook generation. Now try to imagine how easy exchange of information between teachers and students can become if teachers started using Facebook.

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