B S Anangpuria Educational Institutes Faridabad, Haryana

Director: Dr. S S Tyagi
Prior to joining B S Anangpuria Educational Institutes, S S Tyagi was associated with Delhi University and the YMCA Institute of Engineering. He has completed PhD in Electromagnetic Fields from the University of Delhi. A dedicated educator, he has wide experience of teaching in undergraduate and post graduate levels of many different research projects. He has successfully completed the projects awarded by AICTE and guided students in post graduate level. He has a vast experience in handling all kinds of student affairs.
Globally competitive and locally responsive
Today it is difficult for us to imagine education without modern digital teaching tools. Digital technology is now mandatory for our system of education. Our Institute caters to students in the fields of technology, management, education, law and pharmacy. Incorporation of digital tools is a necessity for us as without
such tools we won’t be able to be globally competitive and locally responsive. The main goal of our educational policies is to provide our students with the best possible opportunities for all round development.
Digital tools for education
Currently we make use of innovative Content Management Solution, Online Assessment Solution and College Wise Enterprise Management Solution. The system for Synchronous Learning between Intra campuses and Inter Campuses developed by WheeBOX is a major initiative for our educational ecosystem. As of now we have one computer for every four students in the institution, but the ratio will improve in near future. We have also installed Robust Online Assessment, Feedback Analytics Solutions and On Cloud Content Solutions from WheeBOX. With the help of these solutions our students are able to assess their own cognitive skills from anywhere – from the campus, lab, hostel and even from home. Our teachers use lot of teaching and self-learning material that is available on web. Occasionally we even make use of Wikipedia.

Vision Statement
We are inspired by the idea of providing our students with the kind training that will enable them to become worthy citizens of the world.