Manipal University Manipal, Karnataka

Chairman: Dr Ramdas M Pai
Known for his dynamic and inspirational leadership, Dr Ramdas M. Pai has played a seminal role in the creation  of Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG). The Group has grown into a  powerhouse in the fields of Education, Healthcare and Research. Under Dr Pai’s leadership the Group has transformed into an Indian MNC, whose state-of-the-art campuses are present in Nepal, Malaysia, UAE and Antigua. Dr. Pai has received the Padma Bhushan.
Technology is an enabler
We believe that technology can be a big enabler in the effective delivery of higher education and healthcare functions. With the incorporation of digital tools, students can learn at their own pace, in the manner that suits their learning. Learning new con-
cepts is much easier when the education is being conducted through an audio-visual system. The content for e-Learning is provided by the faculty of Manipal University. Hence the experience is like learning in a virtual classroom. The multimedia content of all the courses is interactive and provides the students with the ability of assessing their knowledge through online tests at the end of each chapter.

Deployment of technology
At Manipal University all central libraries are connected through EPAC. The Library Search Engine, which is a web-enabled, can be accessed on Intranet, as well as on Internet. EPAC can be used to browse/search for an item (book/non-book), along with its details and the availability, in a particular library. Online Journals subscribed by the library can also be searched and accessed through EPAC. In future we are planning to develop the system for recording of lectures and archiving the soft copies of the same in the server. This will help the students to listen to the lectures again at their convenience. The institute provides personal laptops in students in many courses,

Vision Statement
The university aspires to provide global leadership in the fields of education, healthcare, and human development in general.