Newton’s Institute of Engineering Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Principal: Dr. M Janardhan Reddy
Dr. M Janardhan Reddy, a professor in Electrical engineering, has over 20 years of experience in education industry. He has been at the institute for the past 8 years. During this period he has brought about several innovations to improve the quality of education. He introduced several teaching tools to enhance the scope of learning methods available to the students. He introduced a wide range of digital content for teaching in the form of videos, e-books, e-journals and e-magazines.
Advantage digital technologies
Multimedia and video content are of great help in letting students accomplish their learning at a much faster pace, as compared to traditional methods of teaching. Hence, digital content
must be encouraged in our schools and colleges. The digital systems that we have in the institute include – NPTEL videos, gate material/videos, placement ready material/ videos, digital library, college email, etc. When these were initially deployed in servers, a lot of system usage and maintenance was required. That is when the management decided to install NComputing solution. With this solution lesser numbers of CPU’s can be used to maintain the lab  infrastructure. Things have become easier for the network administrators.
Saving environment with technology
In fact, our institution has been very conscious about helping to save the environment and contributing towards making the earth a greener place. NComputing solution helps us achieve that objective by reducing electricity consumption to a fraction and bringing down the levels of e-wastage. The institute further plans to deploy research videos, practical workshops, and gaming workshops We have installed the shared computing solution which has improved the ration of computers to students in the institute. We plan to make further investments to ensure that every student has access to his or her own computer system.

Vision Statement
The institute aims to provide our students with cutting edge digital content so that they are able to develop the knowledge for competing in an e-society.