Shree Ghanshyam Academy Bhuj, Gujarat

Principal: Jitendra Khemchand
Born in Gujarat, Jitendra Khemchand thrives in the wonderful community of teachers and students at the Shree Ghanshyam Academy. He prefers to spend his spare time in reading, travelling and other outdoor activities. He believes that life always brings new challenges to check one’s potential. Nowadays digital technologies play a central role in education. With digital tools students are able to make a tryst with We aspire to be an institution, which is dedicated to producing leaders of the future In times to come we plan to bring digital technology to even larger number of our classrooms. We have one computer for every two students. From time to time we make use of the content available on the World Wide Web,

Vision Statement
the best educational opportunities that are available in the world. Children enjoy being in classrooms when teaching is being conducted through videos, audio and images. Currently we have three classrooms outfitted with Projectors, Interactive boards and Speakers.