Pole Star School Rajkot, Gujarat

Principal: Parimal B. Pardava
Parimal B. Pardava started his journey in the world of education with a very small school in Rajkot with his family members. Within a short period of time, this group managed to develop three institutes, which teach in Gujarati and English mediums. Digital teaching tools have now become the fountainhead of innovations in the educational space. Both teachers and stu- dents are benefiting through the incorporation of such tools. The set of digital tools already deployed in the institute include systems like CCTV cameras and Biometric attendance systems. Three of our classrooms are incorporated with Iken systems from Mexus Education. In times to come we plan to install Iken Learning Lab. Currently the institute has one computer for every twenty students. We are not using content available in the Internet or in the Cloud Space.

Vision Statement
At Pole Star School, we are focussed on the idea of becoming the leading e-learning institute in the state of Gujarat.