“3D Ready Projectors Empowering Educators with Life-Like Experience”

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Hemant Agarwal, Senior Director-Display Solutions, Delta India Electronics Pvt Ltd talks to Pragya Gupta, ENN about Vivitek and education projectors in India. excerpts.

Please throw some light on Vivitek?

Vivitek’s line of digital projection and display products incorporates the latest innovations and technologies to deliver superior products to our customers, partners and channels. The extensive line-up consists of projectors for home cinema, education, large venue and data projectors. Vivitek was the first to launch full high-definition LED home cinema projector and was among the first to offer Full HD projectors to the mass market consumer, as well as 3D-ready digital projectors featuring DLP link from Texas Instruments.

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Please give an overview of projector for education market in India?  How much does education constitute of your projector business?

As institutions have moved to integrate ICT into education, the demand for digital projectors has increased considerably over the years. Education system nowadays is moving out of the realm of conventional methods of teaching to a digitized mode of imparting knowledge. The education sector has adopted the e-learning and audio-visual mode of integrated learning. The projector growth has essentially been fueled by the growing demand from the education segment, which constitutes nearly 50 percent of the overall projector business.

What are the types of projector available for the education segment?

Wireless connectivity, LAN connectivity, interactivity, ultra short throw and 3D technology are the new trends prevailing in this segment. Today PC less projection is becoming popular, which means that customers can project their contents or presentations directly from a pen drive. Embedded m bile projectors are close to finding their way into consumer electronics. This projection technology will help to pave a way for projectors that are built into devices such as mobile phones. The biggest innovation in the projector space is Ultra Short Throw projectors the perfect solution for space limiting environments such as classrooms and tutorial rooms. These projectors are placed right in front of the projection screen without leaving any space and give the same picture quality just like other regular projectors which are mounted on top.  It is designed to eliminate the problem of the teacher’s shadow falling on the screen or distractions from ambient light. Another revolution is the 3D technology. Today the 3D technology has is consumer-oriented. It has been made affordable so that educational institutions can afford to use this technology for providing a better learning experience to their students. 3D technology is also beneficial in higher education. If we talk about other innovations in education projector space, LCD/DLP-based projectors are also currently popular. LED too is a coming trend due to its long life cycle.

“We have created a dedicated Regional Distributors followed by Large Resellers to provide solutions to the educational institutions”

3D is one of the biggest revolutions in this space.  How do you maximize impact of learning with 3D?

The 3D projection market in India is gearing up with new brands, solutions and technologies. As 3D has become a buzzword, most of our projectors are 3D Ready and Vivitek is the first to launch 2D to 3D conversion technology in India by introducing 2D to 3D Series under its projectors line up. Vivitek 3D-ready projectors enable students to visualize complex concepts, such as geometric shape calculation and gain true-to-life experiences such as dissecting the human brain through 3D demonstrations with the help of suitable educational media. Dissections in medical science now can be done through this technology. In the field of education especially in engineering, medicine and architecture, Vivitek 3D ready projectors have empowered teachers and students with a life-like experience for learning. We have got overwhelming response by institutions for our 3D projectors for bringing this advance technology which has given an altogether different viewing experience to them.

Given the huge demand for projectors coming from the education sector, what is your approach to tap this sector? Please share your future plans.

Education is one of the most lucrative sectors for Indian Digital Projectors. To tap this sector, we have created a dedicated Regional Distributors followed by Large Resellers Chain. These RDs provide solutions to the educational institutions such as schools, colleges and tutorial classes which are high in fashion these days.  We also have association with large educational System Integrators who does large government projects on education.

The biggest priority of Vivitek at this moment is to develop the Vivitek Reseller Plan as much as we can.

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