June 2012

“Connectivity that makes us SMILE”

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Santanu Mishra, Co founder and Executive Trustee of Smile Foundation spoke to Pragya Gupta, about wireless campus


Tell us about your Wireless campus.

We are making our Smile Twin e-Learning Programme (STeP) centres across 60 locations in India completely Wi-Fi enabled. It’s very important to have Wi-Fi campus because as it reduces the cost of wires along with the complexities of connectivity. The maintenance cost comes down. It also helps in seamless teaching and learning.

How critical is wireless campus in creating better teaching learning outcomes?

The role of wireless campus for the enhancement of teaching learning process is vast. Wireless campus supports everyday activities unobtrusively and seamlessly in classroom contexts. Project-based learning is facilitated as teachers and students can engage in teaching and learning via Wi-Fi. Also, it gives the class freedom and spontaneity in learning as the teaching is in progress.

Tell us about the ways by which the institute is making use of digital and connectivity related technologies?

We aim towards connecting all our institutes with WiFi for availing the maximum mobility. Also we are looking forward to convert our institutes into virtual classrooms for maintaining the quality of education through the country. We are looking forward in conducting virtual recruitments for increasing job opportunities of our students. In near future, we may facilitate free teaching of our students by connecting our classrooms with the best of the institutes and colleges.

What new digital teaching tools do you plan to deploy in future?

Our centres are already being upgraded with WiFi networks, which will reduce the cost and complication of wires. Also cloud computing is being made availed to all the centres. The main idea is to provide virtual classes across the country to all our students. In future we will like to introduce virtual recruitment process.//


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