CBSE Organises Inter School Sports Competition

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has organised Inter School Sports and Games Competitions each year at approximately 160 venues for nearly 9000 independent category of affiliated schools in as many as 17 disciplines at cluster, zonal and National level. For smooth organisation of these competitions, the schools have been divided into 16 Clusters and five Zones. Andhra Pradesh is part of cluster VII along with Karnataka Sports competitions in State schools are organized by the respective State Governments.

The CBSE Inter School Sports and Games Competitions are self-financed educational activity and do not receive and financial aid from the Government. However, the Board disburses fixed organizational Grant to each of the Organizing Schools. It also provides certificates and medals to all the participants and winners. Each year Board spends approximately Rs 2 crore on the conduct of Sports and Games Competitions. The students of nearly 250 independent Category of Affiliated Schools from Andhra Pradesh participate in these competitions.