Tablets in education

Independent Learning

Implementing Agency
Classteacher Learning Systems


Classteacher offers solutions for personalised and interactive learning for students. The solutions are developed with guidance from teachers. The device a tablet running the version 4.0 of Android. It comes preloaded with the products of the company. iPerform, which is a tool for learning-on-thego, has all the topics covered in the school so that the same can be revised anytime, anywhere by the student. Teachers can use it to teach, share notes and keep a tab on the students by remotely monitoring their Classpad screen.

• To make independent learning environment
• To change the way teaching is done in schools

• Permits students to revise concepts covered in school at their own pace.
• It provides individual and personalised learning.
• Provides better performance and relieves pressure

Target Group: K-12

Challenges: The idea of one device solving multiple problems in the school as well home-learning is a daunting task. Also when the company implemented its first project, many teachers were reluctant to support us as many were sceptical of the ease of use of the device. Configuring the Wi-Fi settings and connecting it to a wireless LAN was a difficult task for most teachers, but by imparting proper training and providing detailed user manuals, all the doubts of teachers got cleared.


Learning is Fun

Implementing Agency
HCL Learning


MyEduTab is an educational tablet packaged with curriculum mapped digital content, educational applications, games, educational videos, and ebooks. The tablet brings fun to the learning process. Home learning becomes a self paced, enjoyable experience. It is aimed at fulfilling the self learning needs of students by providing detailed understanding of the concepts, revision, doubt clarification, self assessment, and avenues for broadening understanding of real world applications. For students aiming for higher education, MyeduTab intends to facilitate communication skills and professional skills.

• To increase learning accessibility
• To offer personalised learning anytime, anywhere and at own pace

• Conceptualised and launched educational ecosystem on a tab
• Helping schools adopt tablets as learning enablers and value enhancers
• Visually rich 2D-3D content which runs on tablets without the need for internet

Target Group: Students, Youngsters, Teachers, Parents

Challenges: One big challenge is mapping the exact needs of the customers. The needs of the teachers, parents and the students are different, and hence lots of innovations are required in the tablet space. Making tablets ready for education is also a difficult task, as the educational needs keep changing at a fast pace. The issue of lack of Internet connectivity is also a challenge.

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