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An Organic Shift in the Education Process

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Revathi Srinivasan,
Director – Education and Principal, Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School

A readymade curriculum cannot fulfil the requirements of all

Children are capable of learning through a process that involves curiosity and enjoyment. Teachers are not expected to behave like  potters, whose work involves the following of certain set norms, rules and regulations. The role of a teacher is more like that of a  gardener who imparts integrated experience to the children.
There has to be an organic shift in the way we conduct the education of a  child. The teaching and learning process has to be diverse, so that children get to enjoy a broader spectrum of experiences. Teaching  has gone through a paradigm shift from knowledge and discipline to competence building and values.
During the journey of life,  children require certain traits like skills, intellect and social awareness. The times are changing and children have to evolve into individuals who can compete with themselves to continuously improve their performance. Education has to move from being competitive and individualistic to being moralistic so that education moves from pressure to pleasure.
Children have different learning capabilities and a readymade curriculum cannot fulfil the requirements of all. Schools must work with  teachers to create content which is digital and blended. Online assessment solutions must be utilised by schools to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of students.


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