Teachers Should Trigger the Sense of Curiosity

Kalpesh Bordawekar,
General Manager, Mexus Education Pvt Ltd

Pythagoras theorem can be taught with various real life examples

Today’s generation of children in the age group of 4 to 6 years are quite close to technology. They don’t need any formal classes or  training for learning the basic tricks of operating high-tech devices.
The important thing is that it is not school education that has made children conversant with latest technology; they have mastered the art due to their own curiosity. So if we really want our children to  learn something, we should try to trigger their sense of curiosity.
Let’s take the example of History. During our school days, History used to be a license to go off to sleep when the period started. But,  the same history can be made interesting. A teacher can take the students out of the classroom to teach them excavations of Mohen-jodaro. The teacher can make it more  interesting by grounding various items in the sandpit at the school playground.
The children would keep finding new items as they dug the sandpit. By using this strategy, the teacher can easily explain what  excavation is all about. Difficult topics like Pythagoras theorem can be taught with various real life examples.
Students, these days, are enamoured by devices like tablet, iPhone, etc. But teachers are phobic of such devices, because they are not used to technology. But, if they want to be effective in the modern classrooms, the teachers have to develop empathy for technology.
There is a thin line between an ordinary teacher and a good teacher. After gaining an understanding the challenges that are being faced by today’s teachers, students, and parents , Mexus has developed digital content solutions that make use of concepts like robotics, hydraulics, etc. The aim of these solutions is to address various challenges that teachers face in their classrooms.

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