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Dalimss Sunbeam SchoolsOrganisation: Dalimss Sunbeam Schools
Target Group: Primary to senior secondary education
• Educating more than 15,000 students
• Twenty one branches in eastern Uttar Pradesh
• CBSE based education
• Free education to over 1,600 students
• Vast social service network in orphanages, old age houses and various disease centers

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Change the way India Teaches

Organisation: Golden Bells Pre School
Implementing Agency: Telescope Solutions Plc
Objective: DMIT helps parents, educators, doctors, counselors discover innate strength/weakness, enhance learning experience by identifying learning style
Description: Dermatoglyphics is the Science which studies the patterns on the fingerprints of human beings and reveals the congenital link between the fingers and the inborn qualities and traits. DMIT helps in identifying the multiple intelligences,preferred learning style and personality type of the individual.
• Identifying innate Multiple Intelligences
• Identifying preferred Learning style
• Identifying Brain Dominance
• Identifying Personality Type and Identifying Possible Career Choices

Write for Us

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Making No Bones About It

Organisation: Mahatma Gandhi International School
Objective: The objective was to make students learn about the Skeleton System in an interactive way and make them work on science topics with fun
Description: The curiosity of what actually is happening in our body is the most interesting thing for a student. The whole class was asked to choose a sport and draw theactual function. For example, playing football the leg was drawn in a particular manner.The process involved learning about the human body, bones, its functions.
Target Group: K-12 student
• Working in teams with entire class involvement
• A model skeleton was made, which could be used for any further reference
• Very concrete documentation was made and preserved

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Most Beneficial Learning Environment

Organisation: Excelsior American School
Objective: The school’s mission is to develop a strong sense of self worth and responsibility among its students that will in turn prepare the child for a lifetime of achievement and contribution to society
Description: The Excelsior approach differs from traditional education in several important ways. Learning is achieved through direct experience and active involvement. Students learn at their own pace. Self direction is encouraged. Small sized classrooms Excelsior programme takes into account that each child develops at his or her own pace.
Target Group: Students
• Child centered
• All aspects of the child are developed (physical, emotional, moral, social and intellectual)
• Learning is achieved through direct experience and active involvement

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Inclusion of Social with AcademicOrganisation: The Millennium School, Noida (TMS)
Objective: The school’s aim is to empower the differently abled children as the productive members of society. TMS, Noida impart education as per the level of the differently abled child irrespective of time taken by the child
Description: The school is following a child centric curriculum. At TMS, the differently abled children are placed in the class as per their chronological age. Being a tech savvy school, some software are also used to help these children.
Target Group: Autism, Border line intelligence, Ataxia, Dsylexia, ADD, ADHD, Syndrome,Behavioral issues and other childhood disorders
Used software for better retention ability in students who have problems in recalling the concepts
Students who had inclination for music were trained by using song with the help of the music teacher in such a way that they are now capable enough to compose their own musicClick here to read more details about this initiative

Radio Masters

Organisation: Hansraj Public School
Implementing Agency: IRJ Institute of Radio Jockeying
Objective: The main objectives of the projects launched and initiated by the school are to inculcate content of social media, vision, ethics and actions
Description: In order to use social media in education, the school has been undertaking various projects to offer a practical application of social media tools in the school environment. It provides information to films, TV, Print, Radio and Internet
• The foremost achievement of the programme is remarkable improvement in voice modulation and voice culturing of the students.
• Communication skills development through public speaking among students
• Enhancement of student’s script writing skills editing and conceptualisation
• Team spirit, event management and co-ordination as well as group discussions
• News reporting radio programming by students which also includes stage anchoring

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Expanding Capacities of IndividualsOrganisation: MRV School
Objective: Bringing youth at peace by culture of heart through art and music and enabling school education to develop knowledgeable,skillful and value oriented programme
Description: The school took the initiative to make behavior policy, which will be accepted by all members at home and school to avoid unnecessary pressure. It pamper the child educate the parents – the slogan is taken forward because loveand affection make children relaxed and happy and only happy children can explore and create.
Target Group: Students of class 1 to 12th
Children do not throw litter
They have become more respectful and responsible
Noise is reduced
Bullying and fighting almost is controlled
Children/Teachers speak slowly and softly

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